These Organic Chocolate Bars Have Costco Shoppers Disappointed

Is there anything more disappointing than bad chocolate? Chocolate lovers among us know what we're talking about. We're not talking Tootsie Rolls and M&Ms. There's a time and a place for those snacks. We're talking about the good, sometimes expensive, chocolate meant to be savored piece by piece. Whether you're a fan of velvety milk chocolate or a connoisseur of rich dark chocolate, you have expectations. The aroma. The texture. The mouthfeel. And, of course, the taste. When the indulgence matches your expectations, it's nirvana. When it falls short, it's a huge letdown.

Reddit userĀ Nofreesoup4you took to r/Costco recently to express disappointment and asked fellow Costco followers about their experience with NibMor's Organic Dark Chocolate Variety Pack, posting, "Not sure if I got a bad batch, but the blueberry tastes awful and the cherry is tolerable. The only good one is the regular sea salt. Would love to hear other people [sic] opinions."

The good, the bad, and the meh

Nofreesoup4you labeled their r/Costco post, "Disappointed, tastes of chemicals," and fellow Redditors began weighing in with their own insights. "Definitely disappointing!! I totally agree with your assessment," posted 46_and_2_just_ahead. "I love the sea salt flavor but agree the cherry is NOT good...tastes like medicine," agreed anbuneats. 1AggressiveSalmon suggested masking the taste by spreading peanut butter on top of the chocolate. (We're not sure that's the point, though.)

Fellow Redditor johnd8882 suggested returning the item, but Nofreesoup4you decided they liked the sea salt chocolate in the variety pack to stick it out, explaining, "I am definitely going to keep it and suffer [through] the rest. I may try melting them down and adding something else to make them better."

That's not such a bad idea. NibMor offers a roster of recipes on the company website including this one for Chocolate Covered Cherry Blender Muffins. For the record, Nibmor's dark chocolate containsĀ organic chocolate liquor, organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter, organic lecithin, and organic vanilla extract. The tart cherry chocolate includes the same ingredients, plus tart cherries and natural cherry flavor. Ditto for the much-maligned blueberry chocolate, except switch out tart cherries and natural cherry flavor for blueberries and natural blueberry flavor.