Jamie Oliver's Massive Lion's Mane Mushroom Video Is Turning Heads

There are countless mushroom varieties — over 10,000 at least — from beefsteak to chicken of the woods, to the more familiar enoki and cremini, according to Gardening Channel. But one of the most rare edible varieties is the lion's mane. Mushroom Health explains that the stark-white find, otherwise known as Hericium Erinaceus or pruikzwam, is "beautifully radiant and striking" and can be used to "improve your brain functions and improve your productivity, focus and overall well-being."

According to Healthline, it could be key in keeping dementia away, helping with minor depression or anxiety, and protecting against ulcers. And if that isn't enough to convince you to try them, they are also said to "taste like crab or lobster meat," with a similar texture as well (via Tyrant Farms). And recently, Chef Jamie Oliver, aka "The Naked Chef," has taken to the internet to utilize this mushroom's benefits and flavor and make it even more enticing to food fans.

The mane attraction

In an Instagram video with Gennaro Contaldo, who the personality dubs "The Mushroom Man," Chef Jamie Oliver espouses the Isle of Wight Mushroom Company, which both sells mushroom kits, and makes incredible dual compound tinctures or supplements out of lion's mane mushrooms. He continues to highlight that you can see massive neural and memory benefits from enjoying the mushroom, while also enjoying the flavor, which he notes is great in cooking and frying. 

But while all of this information is nice and fun, the biggest shock is the size of the mushroom, which once shown on screen can be likened to the size of Jamie's head itself with an interior that he likened to a puff ball of sorts. One follower @natzclk280 actually mistook it for "a stuffed toy" and many actually thanked the chef for introducing him to a mushroom they'd never before heard of. So if you're not too intimidated by the size, it's worth giving this great big mushroom a try, because Jamie says so!