Costco Shoppers Are Loving These Corn Muffins

On October 6, the Instagram account Costco Buys surfaced what was to them a new flavor of Costco muffin: corn muffins. "I don't think I've ever seen corn muffins at Costco before?!?" they questioned, exclaimed, and questioned again on Instagram. "These look good and are a part of the mix-and-match one dozen muffins for $7.99!" 

The mix-and-match deal allows you to purchase two six-packs of muffins from Costco's entire range. Others you can try from Insider's ranking of Costco's Muffins include the double-chocolate, almond poppy, coffee cake, and blueberry. There are, of course, many, many more. This is Costco after all. 

As of writing, the response has been rapturous. More than 2,400 people have liked the discovery and the comments consist of broad joy. "They are awesome!" one agreed. "I don't usually buy the muffins because I don't need 2 packs," another wrote, "but man I could scarf these down no problem." Yes, the cornbread muffins are as large as Costco muffins always are, which brings up their main problem.

The Costco muffins are effectively cupcakes

There were some complaints leveled at the cornbread muffins in the post's comments section. Most had to do with wishing Costco would bring back a different muffin instead: "They always have corn at mine! when will they bring back the chocolate chip."

However, one noted something different. "The first ingredient is sugar," they wrote, "maybe we need to call these cupcakes instead of muffins." And if you squint at the picture, you see they're right. Leading the ingredients list is sugar. Now, muffins are a decadence, but between the focus on sugar and the size of the muffin, the decadence pushes beyond that of a normal muffin.

That said, Eat This, Not That! considers the cornbread muffin to be the healthiest muffin offered by Costco. It has more sodium than others, but it contains less fat and saturated fat and fewer calories than most of the other muffins. "The carb and sugar counts are still high," they summarize, "but cutting one in half for a snack is a great way to enjoy something sweet without loading up your body on unnecessary calories." So, if you love Costco muffins, this is the one to be decadent with.