Gordon Ramsay's Honest Response To The Idea Of Having A 6th Child

Gordon Ramsay is famous for high-class cooking and expletive-filled tirades, but also for his kindness and caring towards children. Ramsay has been known for his fierce devotion to the youth on "MasterChef Junior," where he avidly defends children's skills and talent. He shared in 2017 (via Deadline), "I'm fed up with the level of blame that kids get due to their bad eating habits. It's not the kids—let's get that frank. It's the frickin' parents. Kids only eat what the parents do, so what 'MasterChef Junior' has become is a sort of benchmark, where kids are re-educating parents and becoming way more fierce than their parents were."

Ramsay has reiterated his commitment to mentor, uplift, and inspire youth in his profession throughout this show. And this commitment, in part, evolves from Ramsay's own difficult childhood and his commitment to his children and wife Tana. Currently a father of five children, ranging in ages from 2 to 23, Ramsay is a devoted and happy family man, but does that mean a sixth child is in the future? Well, Ramsay said in a Daily Mail interview published on October 2, "Tana's four months pregnant."

The Ramsays 'never say never'

WAIT!! He's just kidding! Known for "getting a rise out of people," Chef Gordon Ramsay quickly cleared up that shocking statement. Says the chef, "Tana's going to kill me. I'm joking. No, we discussed having another baby. I said it was a great idea" (via Daily Mail).

When the chef's longtime wife, Tana, was asked to share her own words on the topic, she replied, "Oh my gosh. Never say never. I think I'll want kids forever, but in all honesty I'm just enjoying what we have and I don't think it would be right to push my luck, because we are so blessed." Chef Ramsay continued on that he would be the "oldest dad" at school and perhaps not as active as sports if a sixth child were to come around, but he noted how youthful and active their 2-year-old son Oscar has made them as well.

So, is a sixth baby in the works for the Ramsay family? It may be unlikely for the 54-year-old chef and his lovely 47-year-old wife, but never say never. What's clear is this family would welcome and love any and all additions.