This Famous NYC Bagel Shop May Be Coming To Your State

There are few food items more synonymous with New York City than bagels. And there is one iconic Big Apple bagel location that stands out over the rest. H&H Bagels was founded all the way back in 1972, and it has been one of the most recognizable bagel brands in the city ever since. It has even been featured in many notable TV show set in New York City, including "Seinfeld," "Sex and the City," "How I Met Your Mother," and more (via H&H Bagels). But now, the iconic brand will no longer be exclusive to New York City.

H&H Bagels has recently announced plans to franchise the brand, expanding out of the city and into other states, according to QSR Magazine. "Since the 1970s, H&H Bagels has grown to be an iconic brand, enjoyed by people from around the world. Entering into the franchise business is a monumental moment for us, as we look to identify and work with like-minded entrepreneurs who want to bring a premium New York City bagel experience to cities across the country," Jay Rushin, who joined H&H Bagels as the chief executive officer in 2014, told Forbes.

New H&H Bagels franchisees will receive support and training

H&H Bagels currently has locations on the Upper West Side, Upper East Side, JFK Airport, LaGuardia Airport, and Moynihan Train Hall, which will remain corporate owned, per Forbes. However, new locations opened up beyond the borders of New York will be franchised, receiving training and support in everything from site selection and store construction to marketing, brand-building, and even their opening launch.

However, while H&H Bagels may now be popping up in other cities, Rushin still plans to be selective about who will be able to franchise the iconic brand. Rather than targeting specific geographic locales, he wants to partner with whomever would be the best franchisee candidates, including first-time franchisee operators. "We're in a fortunate position because we have a real growing company without franchising, so we're not under pressure to sign deals and open units just for the sake of it. So we can sit back and really choose the franchisees that we think are going to not only succeed, but add value to the entire organization and the right people for the company," Rushin explained to QSR Magazine.