The Internet Is Obsessed With This Oddly Satisfying Chocolate Eagle Sculpture

Master chocolatiers know how to turn this candy into some incredibly ornate pieces of art. Artisans have turned this ingredient into bakery-worthy statues of trains, Stonehenge, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, and even former president Barack Obama, per Asher's. While these creations can easily inspire awe in anyone who looks at them, one master chef has wowed audiences across social media with a chocolate eagle statue that looks good enough to eat. Redditors gathered to admire the video of the work of the chocolatier, who painstakingly crafted the chocolate bird using a variety of techniques to create the frame, feathers, and other ornamentations to make the sculpture look lifelike. 

The post has so far received over 28,000 upvotes and a ton of excited comments that range from "The way he made those feathers was awesome," all the way to "I'm trying to get my head around the idea of having a tap which dispenses molten chocolate." Others loved watching the process, with one user saying, "I like how it starts out with a cylinder so you're like 'ok yeah I'm following this.'" And another Redditor guessed at the statue's purpose, replying with, "I think it's probably for catering or something. Like a really weird wedding thing or like a thing at a really rich person's party."

A chocolate eagle that has social media talking

The same video appeared on Instagram, and food fans had a similar reaction to the chocolate eagle. The Instagram post received a ton of love and comments like "You're an absolute genius," and "A whole eagle and a tree. Wow." Others posed questions, like, "Wondering how long did it take to be done," and "Every time I think about that if anyone can eat it... is it edible?" The chocolatier who made the eagle captioned the post with the message, "This one is another strong symbol crafted with 50lbs of chocolate for 4.5ft tall and covered with a 1700 handcrafted chocolate feather!" With a chocolate statue this formidable, you can guarantee whoever ordered it will be left happy.

The chocolatier's channel features similar handmade candy sculptures that can get anyone drooling. With any luck, internet denizens can find more delicious creations like this eagle gracing their social media feeds in the near future. Next time you wonder if chocolate can turn into an art form, remember the handiwork of this artisanal chocolatier and take comfort knowing that this favorite food has the power to move users from across the internet.