The Career Amanda Freitag Would Want To Have If She Weren't A Chef

When people are so talented they reach celebrity status within their own career industry, it can be hard for fans to imagine them doing anything else. Amanda Freitag, a judge on Food Network's "Chopped," is certainly one of those celebrities. Though she is so well-known as a chef and culinary expert, Freitag's other choice of career might surprise her fans. In an interview with the Food Network, Freitag revealed what other career she might have tried if she were not working in the food industry. 

"I would have been some sort of an artist or performer," she said. "I love the instant gratification of making people happy with my work." When speaking with Restaurant Girl, Freitag even elaborated that she wanted to be a dancer when she grew up. "I still went for a high endurance career," she added. While the famous chef clearly loves to make people happy with her work, her actual occupation does not exactly do the same for herself.

Cooking for herself is another matter entirely

Cooking food for others brings Freitag a lot of happiness because her delicious dishes often make people smile or feel happy. However, when she cooks for herself, she definitely does not get the same joy from the process. In an interview with Food Republic about Thanksgiving preparation and cooking, Freitag was asked if she is "an organized home cook." That's when she revealed how she actually feels about cooking at home for herself.

In response to the outlet's question, Freitag said, "Yes. Here's my tip. I hate cooking at home. I admire people who do it. I've been in restaurants for 20 years and now I cook at home, and it's really hard." But if she is cooking at home, she says it is all about shopping and prepping well ahead of time. Then everything she needs to make the dishes with is easily accessible. So, while the culinary expert might not be bringing people happiness with dancing or performing, she certainly does with her food — so long as it isn't for herself.