The Sweet Way Ina Garten Honored Julia Child For New Documentary

If you love the personality and recipes of Julia Child, you can't afford to miss the latest documentary centered on the late cooking star. According to Variety, "Julia" delves into Child's personality and life, while drawing on contributions from other cooking stars, like Ina Garten and André Cointreau. While many superfans of Child might not take away a ton of new info from the documentary, the movie gives stars like Garten the chance to reminisce and remind audiences why Child had the power to touch the lives of home cooks everywhere.

In a recent Instagram post, Garten posted a photo of her take on Child's signature Beef Bourguignon. "This weekend is the Hamptons International Film Festival, and I'm so excited to see 'JULIA,' the documentary about Julia Child by my friends Betsy West and Julie Cohen," the caption stated. "In Julia's honor, I made Beef Bourguignon for dinner tonight. My version doesn't cook for the usual four hours, so you'll be able to make dinner and get to the movies on time!"

Garten's Instagram touched fans everywhere

Ina Garten's followers couldn't get enough of the chef's nod to Child. The Instagram post has so far accumulated a ton of comments that range from "Looks yummy. And always makes me think of the movie 'Julie and Julia'" to "I used Julia's amazing recipe for years, and I was reticent to try a different one. But I love your delicious version that uses a better cut of meat and therefore saves a ton of time in cooking. Both excellent options." Garten also realized after she posted the photo that she could make some improvements on her recipe, stating, "I actually think that the beef was tougher when Julia was writing her books and I realized the dish was better if it cooked for much less time."

When you want to honor Julia Child, you can't go wrong whipping up this classic French dish that the late chef helped popularize. If you can't get enough of Child, make sure to check out "Julia" when the film hits theaters on November 5 and catch Garten's appearance, per Variety.