Reddit Can't Believe These Entitled Oktoberfest Revelers

It can be tough running a food truck. Doing so requires a lot of work just to get the business off the ground. Then, you must work long hours in a small, cramped, hot environment. And, of course, how much money you make as a food truck owner can vary substantially. Depending on where you work, there can be a lot of competition. To bring in extra revenue, some food truck owners opt to work at festivals (via NCR). Depending on the festival, your clientele will likely be inebriated, which means having to deal with drunk people.

At a recent Oktoberfest celebration, a group of drunk women attracted the disbelief of thousands of Redditors on a post titled, "Group of entitled women decide to open a closed food truck and get rightfully chewed out by the owner." In the short clip, a woman in a traditional dirndl dress forces open the closed cover to a food truck, at which point an angry man can be heard yelling, "No, No! Go away! Don't touch my f**king truck," as he slams the cover down. The same woman who opened the cover adds, "I touched his truck" as she sips a beer, while another woman can be heard saying, "Oh my god, he's so scary!"

Reddit has no sympathy for the women

The Reddit post has racked up nearly 3,000 comments in less than one day, and there's very little sympathy for the women. "Ah the entitlement of drunk white women," wrote one commenter. "Entitled? Probably. Drunk? Definitely," wrote another, while someone else commented, "ugh annoying drunk people are the worst." "That, and calling him scary while lacking the empathy to understand what it would feel like to have the door of your space wrenched open by unknown people on the other side. Calling justifiable anger "scary" to try and frame yourself as a victim, smh," someone else added.

Many respondents felt the food truck owner was justified. "That is the yell of man who is sick of drunk shenanigans, and if it's the end of his shift he must be exhausted," wrote one commenter. "He was in the right, but I gotta say I found this hilarious. Little brats like stumbled across a troll's house and the troll said hell no lmao," wrote another. "Real Oscar the grouch vibes lmfao but definitely justified." There may be massive amounts of beer consumed at Oktoberfest, but that's no reason to be drunk and entitled, and try to force yourself into a space that's clearly closed, which might even be considered breaking and entering in some cases.