This Costco Ham Typo Has Fans Laughing

If you think back to the days of pre-internet culture, you might recall that finding a typo within any sort of published content was something of a novelty. Nowadays, however, due to the sheer volume of content published on a daily — or even hourly –  basis, typos are more frequent, as are misspellings and grammatical errors. And it seems that the world at large has accepted the notion that copy errors may just be the inevitable byproduct of the internet age, to the point where we find ourselves almost ignoring the oddly-placed letter or symbol. Almost.

As much as we as a society have grown accustomed to typos, some of them simply cannot be ignored. One good example was recently found on a package of Costco ham. At first glance, the label copy might appear to be proper, but some people have pointed out that if you look at it long enough, you'll notice there's a typo — and a big one at that. How big? Well, let's just say it's as big as a refrigerator. It's so embarrassing in fact that it's captured the attention of the Costco Subreddit and given shoppers a much-needed laugh.

Can you spot the typo on the package of Costco ham?

It was the Redditor @TheAnemone who first brought the hilarious typo on Costco's ham packs to the attention of the Subreddit. "Just noticed a typo on all Kirkland ham," they posted along with a photo of the label, and then asked, "Can you find it?" Indeed, Reddit's Costco fans saw it so quickly, one must wonder how the proofreader in charge of Kirkland labels could have missed it. "Missing the F in rerigerated!" replied Redditor @COMediSun. "Rerigerated! How is the ham though?" riffed another. 

The conversation then took a detour into addressing the ham's sodium content. "The ham is a little too salty for my taste, but quality and freshness are satisfactory," the original poster replied, leading another Redditor to offer a brilliant hack for reducing the sodium content: blanching! "I will blanch my bacon for two minutes before removing as much moisture as possible and then cook [it]," offered @1111Rudy1111, explaining that "this removes a lot of the unnecessary salt while still retaining the flavor."

Brilliant salty pork hacks aside, however, perhaps the best comment came from @Buddernubs who pointed out, "Seriously though — they may actually initiate a recall for this." And while we think this was intended as irony, crazier things have happened.