Aldi Shoppers Are Impressed By This Thrifty Meat And Fish Haul

Who doesn't appreciate a good deal? There is something especially satisfying about snagging a great price on a product, especially if it is something you would have had to purchase anyway. Price-savvy shoppers are already known to shop at Aldi, the no-frills German grocery store chain which has become increasingly popular in the United States for its low prices. And while simply shopping at Aldi can help cut down your weekly grocery bill, many Aldi shoppers are keen to find even more ways to save money (via Clark). One of the best ways to do this is to keep an eye out for their markdowns on their already low prices.

Redditors claim that when perishable items, such as meats, are approaching their sell-by date, Aldi is known to put the items on sale, often at a hefty discount, in order to move them before they have to be tossed. The nearer the sell-by date, the bigger the savings can be, sometimes as much as four or five dollars off, which means sometimes shoppers can get pork, ground beef, fish, and other pricey items at a huge discount if they time their shopping right, per The Aldi Spot. One thrifty shopper recently managed to snag an impressively huge haul of meat and fish for a steal, earning themselves accolades online from fellow Aldi fans.

Majorly discounted meat

U/atomicturkey27 took to Reddit to celebrate their impressive haul, posting a picture of six packages of tilapia fillets and two packages of ground pork with the caption: "It finally happened to me ... 4.5lbs tilapia and 2lbs pork for $11.50!" Other Aldi fans were quick to congratulate them on their thriftiness. "It's beautiful! Well done!" u/Fuhgedaboutit1 replied, while u/Throwaway_Double_87 cheered, "Posts like this are my favorite! Congrats!" The user explained the sell-by date on these items was the very next day, which was why they were able to get them at such a steep discount, saying, "I had to leave 2 packs of fish and countless packs of pork since our freezer is so full!"

Other Aldi shoppers responded asking for tips on how they could get ahold of such great savings for themselves. Unfortunately, however, there doesn't appear to be a standardized system for when Aldi marks down their meats and other perishables. It appears to be at the discretion of each store manager to decide when they should begin lowering the price. So shoppers who are hoping to pull off a big discount haul of their own will simply have to keep a sharp eye out for products that may be expiring soon and be ready to stock up when they see the red discount stickers on their favorite items. And it is also probably a good idea to clear out some room in your freezer as well.