People Can't Stop Talking About Wisconsin's Candy Corn Bratwurst

We can't say we understand all of the food trends that stem from the Midwest, although some of the creations are surprisingly delicious, like pasties from Michigan, buttercake from St. Louis, and sugar cream pie from Indiana are all phenomenal culinary feats, and we fully support them. This latest food trend from Madison, Wisconsin might be taking the Halloween spirit a little too far, except for the fact that everyone seems obsessed with it. 

Enter: the candy corn bratwurst. Two butchers from the Madison-based Jenifer Street Market have decided to spice things up for Halloween this year, adding the sweet confections to their traditional Oktoberfest brats for a surprisingly delicious marriage of flavors. Some people from Twitter have chimed in with their opinions, too. User Emily Lippiello says, "Brats? Good. Beer? Good. CANDY CORN? VERY good. Would try." 

Other users aren't so sure about this revolutionary combination. User Katie Pyzyk says, "I love brats and candy corn separately, but this combo sounds like Halloween hell." Maybe she just isn't emotionally ready for this Earth-shattering new flavor.

Candy corn brats have been met with a lot of success so far

Justin Strassman, who's worked behind the butcher's counter at the market for six years, told "Today" Food a little about the new flavor combo. "It's just your traditional brat, but we use an Oktoberfest beer in there, so there's that caramel sweetness." They added to the sweet factor, compounding it with candy corn. The inspiration came from a simple trip to the grocery store, Strassman said.

Lots of people came to the market to sample these one-of-a-kind meat treats, including news anchors Isabel Lawrence (above) and Tim Elliot from NBC15 in Madison. Lawrence tweeted about the experience, saying, "Honestly this was delicious." They're not the only ones who feel that way. Strassman says, "They're selling twice as fast as the traditional brats." If you happen to be in the Madison area and feel your curiosity piqued, it might be worth a stop in. We know we're more than a little intrigued.