M&M's Festive New Ice Cream Cups Are Perfect For School Holiday Parties

It's undeniable that M&M's are one of the best chocolate flavored candies to grace confectionary history. There's nothing better than experiencing that satisfying, familiar crunch, followed by a burst of chocolate-flavored perfection. If there's one thing we know for sure, America is in love with the candy that melts in your mouth. In fact, to keep up with popular demand, more than four million M&M's are created every minute (via Mental Floss). Not only do people enjoy these vibrant and colorful candies, but so do national brands. According to Spoon University, M&M's are an official food sponsor for the NFL, the official chocolate for NASCAR, and the most eaten chocolate in NASA's space program. Not a bad track record.

Nowadays, M&M enthusiasts can find their favorite candy in a wide range of popular flavors and varieties, from peanut and pretzel to crispy and caramel flavors. The candy brand is also known for rolling out limited-edition holiday flavors from M&M's Cookies & Scream to M&M's White Chocolate Pretzel Snowballs (via Wide Open Eats). Lucky for us, this year is no different. With the winter season fast approaching, M&M's is releasing festive Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups, according to PR Newswire.

M&M's is getting into the holiday spirit with delicious ice cream cups

Who said that ice cream was only for summer? Not M&M's! If you happen to be a fan of M&M's and ice cream, then this holiday season is going to be extra sweet. For the first time ever, Mars Wrigley is debuting M&M's Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups. These holiday treats are filled with vanilla-flavored ice cream and topped with a tasty chocolate swirl. To pair with the ice cream? Tons of red and green M&M minis, of course!

"We know that Americans enjoy ice cream all year round, not just during the warmer months, so we wanted to deliver something special to fans for the holidays," Mars Ice Cream Marketing Director Jayesh Shah said in a press release with PR Newswire. "This year, ice cream and M&M'S lovers alike can celebrate the season with the flavors they know and love, but now with an additional hint of excitement and festive joy with our M&M'S Ice Cream Holiday Fun Cups."

Starting in October, these merry ice cream cups will be available in retailers across the country in packs of 10. Searching for the perfect sweet treat for your holiday parties this year? Well, you just found it!