TikTok Is Obsessed With This Gross Chocolate Milk Timelapse

Everyone has heard that you shouldn't leave your milk unrefrigerated for too long. By the time your milk reaches 40 degrees Fahrenheit, bacteria have started to multiply in the drink and can cause anyone to get sick, per Allrecipes. If your milk sits out for two hours, the FDA recommends throwing it away, while the Dairy Council of California stresses the importance of immediately driving home to put away your dairy products after a grocery run. While some folks like to play it safe and keep their milk at reasonable, safe temperatures, TikTokers have pushed the boundary of the drink with a gross new video that people can't get enough of.

The TikTok video depicts a person wearing blue gloves pouring chocolate milk into a clear glass. A timelapse of the glass then lasts for weeks and the audience can watch the beverage coagulate and eventually turn into a clump that the gloved hand then crumbles at the end of the video. The timelapse comes with the caption, "Turning a chocolate drink back into chocolate," and has since accumulated over 6 million likes.

A disgusting chocolate milk experiment you can't look away from

TikTokers love the video and have swarmed the post with comments. Replies range from "forbidden chocolate cake," all the way to "At first it kinda looked like a brownie." Some wondered, "How much would you need to get paid to eat that," while a user with a drawing of chocolate milk as its avatar questioned, "WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?" Other gems include "Why did he caress it like that?" and "if you eat that you'll die instantly."

Next time you wonder what happens to chocolate milk after weeks of sitting outside in a room temperature environment, make sure to check out this video and get ready to feel disgusted. Only time can tell if you find more videos of food decomposing on TikTok, but if this post can predict anything, you can only hope to find more time lapses of your pantry staples disintegrating in front of your eyes.