17 Blue Diamond Almond Flavors, Ranked Worst To Best

When it comes to snacking, you already know that there are some choices that are smarter than others. While eating chips all the time may not make you feel your best, eating nuts, like almonds, can give you that flavor you crave while providing plenty of healthy fats and fiber in the process. What's not to love about that? While we like all almonds, Blue Diamond Almonds may just be our favorites. They have so many different flavors, so no matter what you like, you're going to find one that will make you want to eat almonds every day.

However, with so many options to choose from, you may have a hard time deciding which ones you want to get from the store. Therefore, we've tried to make things easier on you by ranking Blue Diamond's almond flavors from worst to best. While they're all worth a try, there are some that you'll be going back to again and again ... and others you won't think about purchasing a second time. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover all the Blue Diamond flavors you've never heard about. Then, get ready to head to the store to try out the ones that sound the most delicious to you.

17. Blueberry

When you look at Blue Diamond's list of flavors, there's one that sticks out because it's just so seemingly random — and that's the blueberry. We don't know where this flavor came from since none of the other flavors are this fruity. But we have to admit: It's not good. While recipes that feature both blueberries and almonds are often delicious, it's just not working here. The blueberry flavoring is incredibly faint, so you don't taste it much at all. It doesn't really have much sweetness to it, either, which is strange for a fruit-flavored snack.

Plus, there's the added problem of the blue dust that covers these almonds: It's going to get everywhere. If you don't want to be cleaning blue dust off of your clothes in the middle of the day, we don't suggest eating these at your desk at work.

We certainly understand the appeal for blueberry almonds if you're the type of person who prefers sweeter snacks over saltier, more savory ones. But even so, this one really misses the mark. You can certainly pass it up and go for something else the next time you're shopping for almonds.

16. Lightly Salted Low Sodium

Now, we're not going to pretend like you have to have loads of salt on everything just to make it taste edible — that's certainly not the case. But there's something about the lightly salted low sodium almonds from Blue Diamond that we just don't like much. We think that it's the fact that there's just an awkward amount of salt in the recipe. It's a lot less than your average salted almond, which makes it feel like there's something missing. At the same time, there's too much salt for you to truly taste the natural taste of the nut, so you don't get that subtle, natural sweetness either. It's kind of a lose-lose situation.

If you're really trying to cut down on the amount of salt you eat, good for you! But in that case, we would suggest opting for one of the sweeter Blue Diamond options. Or, better yet, just go for the natural variety — you may be surprised at how much you like them.

Of course, the saltier ones are too salty for you, though, this might be just what you're looking for. Give them a try to find out if you like less salt or you'd prefer more seasoning.

15. Toasted Coconut

So, we already know that the blueberry almonds from Blue Diamond aren't a hit. But what if you want to try something else that's on the sweeter side? Well, if you're looking for something that's only slightly better, you may want to consider the toasted coconut flavor. However, we're here to warn you that these aren't particularly good either, so keep your expectations in check.

The coconut flavor on these almonds is surprisingly strong — you can smell it as soon as you open the package. If you love coconut, then this might sound tantalizing, but we thought it was too intense. Bite into one of these almonds, and you'll notice a bitterness almost immediately. This one has the same issue as the blueberry almonds: It's supposed to be a sweet flavor, but there's not much sweetness involved. Most of the time, we wouldn't mind that, but the lack of sweetness just seems out of place with this snack.

If you really like coconut, though, you may just like these almonds more than we do. Luckily, the flavoring really tastes like coconut — you're not going to get that artificial aftertaste that you'll find in a lot of snacks, so that's definitely a positive.

14. Dark Chocolate Cocoa Dusted

Now, if you're looking for one of the best sweeter options, you can't go wrong with the dark chocolate cocoa dusted almonds from Blue Diamond. You're going to notice a theme here: These almonds aren't particularly sweet, even though they're literally dusted in chocolate. However, in this case, that isn't so bad. Since you're working with dark chocolate, we don't think it's a big deal that there's not much sweetness in the mix — dark chocolate is supposed to be on the bitter side, after all. Plus, the combination of chocolate and nuts is going to be a win every time. However, this is definitely more subtle than any chocolate-covered almonds you may be used to. It's not for everyone, but we like it overall.

You may be wondering, then, why the dark chocolate cocoa dusted almonds are ranking so poorly in this list? That all comes down to the fact that there are just better flavors out there. So, while we don't hate these almonds, they're certainly not our top flavor choice. We definitely wouldn't turn them down if someone offered them to us, though!

13. Cayenne Pepper

Do you like things really, really spicy? If so, you're going to want to check out Blue Diamond's Xtremes line. This line of almond features intense flavors with tons of spices, making your almonds seem more like an indulgent treat than a healthy midday snack option. The least spicy flavor of the Xtremes line is the cayenne pepper. Cayenne packs a lot of heat, but it also has a lovely smokiness to it as well. That makes the flavor of these almonds a bit more nuanced. They're savory and salty, and they definitely have a little kick to them. But while "Xtremes" makes them sound super intense, we can assure you that they're not too spicy — even if you're not huge on spice, you probably won't mind them too much.

However, unfortunately, cayenne is the worst of all the Xtremes flavors. It's not bad, per se, but it doesn't deliver on the heat like you may expect it to. We would snack on it if given the chance, but we couldn't choose it above the other two Xtremes flavors. But it really comes down to how much spice you like. If you like a touch of spiciness but can't take too much heat, the cayenne pepper almonds from Blue Diamond may just be the way to go.

12. Honey Roasted

Finally, our favorite sweet flavor of them all: honey roasted. First, these almonds start out with a fantastic roasted flavor. Roasting nuts brings out their sweetness and a ton of flavor, so we're glad that they took this extra step to make these almonds taste better. The honey complements that roasted flavor perfectly. While Blue Diamond could have just added normal sugar, the honey sweetener is something unique and different — plus, it offers the nuts a caramel-y goodness that you won't be able to get enough of. They're also salted as well, so you have that nice salty-sweet combo going on.

However, compared to the other flavors on this list, the honey roasted doesn't even come close to the top. While a few of these almonds will taste good, they're not going to have you reaching for them over again like you might with some of the other, stronger flavors on this list. Give some a try if you love salty-sweet snacks, but make sure you don't prioritize this flavor over some of the more intense flavors we'll talk about later.

11. Habanero BBQ

When we first saw this flavor, we didn't know quite what to expect. Habanero and BBQ aren't flavors you see together very often, so we were curious about what it would entail. Overall, it's a solid flavor. There's definitely a hint of spiciness to it, but you shouldn't expect it to be too intense. If you don't like a lot of spice, you'll still probably be able to handle these. Therefore, we feel like putting "habanero" in the title is a bit misleading — habaneros are some of the hottest peppers, after all. There's also a bit of BBQ flavoring as well, but it's not that strong. It adds just a touch of sweetness to the mix, which we think is a nice addition to the heat.

But let's be honest: These almonds really just taste extremely salty with a few extra seasonings added in. That's definitely not a bad thing — they taste good — but we don't think there's anything particularly interesting about this flavor. If you want something relatively neutral that everyone is going to like, it's a good option. Otherwise, we would probably choose a different flavor to snack on.

10. Salt n Vinegar

If you're a huge fan of salty snacks, then you know that salt 'n vinegar-flavored anything is pretty much bound to be delicious. It's got the saltiness that you love mixed with the intense tang of vinegar ... what's not to love? It creates a mouthwatering combination that will make you want to eat these almonds by the handful. Yet, the salt 'n vinegar flavor from Blue Diamond still isn't at the very top of our list. What gives?

Well, it basically all comes down to the fact that these almonds are artificially flavored. Unlike many of the other Blue Diamond flavors, which feature natural flavoring, this one has an artificial twist to it — and you can definitely tell. The aftertaste isn't strong or too noticeable, but it's there, making these almonds just slightly less snackable.

We love a good salt and vinegar-flavored snack, but we think that Blue Diamond messed up by using artificial flavoring for this variety. We wonder: Why not just keep things natural?

9. Sriracha

There are so many different hot sauces in the world to choose from. Some of us love Tabasco, while others would prefer Texas Pete. However, one of the most popular hot sauces by far is Sriracha. This condiment has become so popular that it's been transformed into memes, home decor, and costumes. Moral of the story? Sriracha is amazing, and people love it. So, it just makes sense that it would taste delicious on almonds. And guess what? It does. We love the Sriracha flavor because it's got just the right amount of kick to it. It has a slightly garlicky flavor too, which is a really nice touch.

If you're expecting a lot of heat from this snack, think again. While Sriracha itself does have a moderately intense heat to it, these almonds are not overwhelming. They bring more heat than the habanero BBQ for sure, but they're not so hot you're going to have to keep a massive bottle of water on standby when you eat them.

While these nuts are perfect for snacking, we think they're delicious when they're incorporated into a salad as well. Get creative and think about what dishes you can add them to. Drizzle some extra Sriracha on top, and you have the spicy culinary masterpiece of your dreams.

8. Carolina Reaper

The Carolina Reaper is another flavor from the Xtremes line, and we like this one even more. But we have a warning for you: These things are seriously, seriously spicy. You don't often come across snacks in the U.S. that truly pack a lot of heat, but this is one of them. That makes sense, of course — Carolina reapers are famous for being incredibly hot. The dangerous thing about these almonds is the fact that you don't really taste the spice right away. At first, it's subtle but tasty. But once you've taken the time to eat a few almonds, the heat will really start to set in. You're probably going to want to have some water on hand to make sure you can wash it down if the heat gets too intense.

People who love spicy food are going to be over the moon with this flavor. It's unique and super strong. However, it's probably going to be too spicy for most people. If you're not ready to deal with serious heat, you should just leave these behind. Additionally, it seems like most of the flavor in these almonds really comes down to the heat factor, and there aren't too many other complex or interesting flavors to change things up.

7. Roasted Salted

Sometimes, you just have to stick to the classics, and that's why we love the roasted salted almonds from Blue Diamond. They may be simple, but they're also sophisticated. There's a reason why so many people love plain salted almonds. First of all, the roasting process is super important to achieving just the right amount of sweetness in the nuts. While it does take away some of their creaminess, it definitely pays off when it comes to the overall flavor. Salt layers onto the roasted flavor perfectly, making you want to reach for another almond again and again.

Some may consider this flavor plain, but the simplicity is what we love about it. When you're just looking for a standard, salted almond, these are just what you're looking for. Whether you snack on them on their own or you add them to whatever dish you're cooking up, we think you're going to like them.

6. Natural

Speaking of the classics, how can you get any more classic than the natural flavor of Blue Diamond almonds? If you've only ever had salted nuts before, then you may not know the true joy of natural almonds. Taste them once, and you may be missing that saltiness you're used to. But try them a few times, and you'll see what all the hype is about. Natural almonds are sweet and creamy, and they are delicious all on their own — no extra ingredients needed.

Sure, this may not be the most exciting flavor on the menu, but that doesn't mean you should look past it entirely. First of all, it's a good idea to have natural almonds on hand just in case you may need them in any recipe you decide to make on a whim. But they're also just a solid option for healthy snacking when you want something simple and light. Plus, the fact that Blue Diamond sells high-quality almonds means you know you're getting an amazing pantry staple.

5. Wasabi & Soy Sauce

Love sushi? Then you're going to be a fan of this popular flavor: wasabi and soy sauce. You should know that these almonds are really, really salty. Isn't that what you would expect from soy sauce-flavored almonds anyway? Even though they're really salty, they're quite balanced at the same time — it's definitely not too much salt for our taste.

This snack does have some heat to it too, but it's not like the kind of heat you'll find in any other Blue Diamond almonds. Instead, it's more of a nasal heat. However, it's not as strong as the wasabi you eat with your sushi, so don't worry about it absolutely blowing you away.

Wasabi and soy sauce-flavored snacks abound these days, and it makes sense why. It's a fantastic flavor combo that can make pretty much any food taste better. When you're looking for an almond flavor that everyone is going to love, we think that the wasabi and soy sauce almonds from Blue Diamond are the way to go.

4. Smokehouse

One of the top sellers for Blue Diamond is the smokehouse flavor. In fact, if you've tried the brand before, there's a good chance that you tried the smokehouse flavor. It was first introduced in 1958, so it's certainly stood the test of time. Years later, we still love the smoky but subtle flavor of this snack. Basically, these almonds taste like they just came off the grill. They're nutty and creamy, but the seasoning on top really takes them to the next level. Take one bite, and it'll be clear why the company has held on to this product for so long. And to be honest, we don't think it'll be going anywhere anytime soon.

If you're looking for a snack that will get you through your workday, keep some of these at your desk. Of course, all almonds are filling, but the savory spices in these almonds will keep your tastebuds satisfied too.

3. Spicy Dill Pickle

Now, this is one flavor we didn't expect to see from the Blue Diamond lineup. Whoever thought that you could find spicy dill pickle-flavored almonds? This flavor is definitely out of the ordinary, and we're here for it. If you're wondering how spicy it is, you shouldn't be worried — it's not very intense. It has just the slightest bit of heat that makes this snack addictive but not so much that it'll burn your tongue off. The dill here is the stronger flavor. Dill is intense but fresh, and that's just the kick these almonds deserve.

They also have a distinctive acidity to them, giving them an even more mouthwatering appeal. Just be warned, though: These aren't for the faint of heart. Just because they're not too spicy doesn't mean they're not intense. The heat, the salt, and the vinegar all combined make for an ultra-flavorful snack. For those who regularly snack on chips, this is an excellent swap.

2. Ghost Pepper

Our favorite of the Xtremes flavors comes in second place: the ghost pepper. If you really like spicy food but, like us, found the Carolina reaper almonds to be way too hot, then these ghost pepper almonds are exactly what you're looking for. As a warning, they are really quite spicy. Those who don't normally eat spicy foods should probably stay away from this one. But for those who have stronger stomachs, it's a no-brainer.

It's not all about the heat, though — the flavor is incredible too. It's nice and tangy and salty, but we were glad that they didn't go overboard on the salt. There are a ton of other spices in the mix though. In fact, your fingers are going to be covered in the powdered seasoning by the time you're done with the canister. Chances are, though, you won't care because that's just how fantastic these almonds are.

1. Sweet Thai Chili

The best of the bunch wins in a landslide. The sweet Thai chili flavor is out of this world, and we're not exaggerating when we say you need to go out and get these now. We wondered if they may be too sweet, but luckily, they had just a touch of sweetness to them. That was balanced perfectly with the chili flavor, which adds the absolute perfect amount of spice. The chili was somehow very hot and not too hot at all at the same time — it's like we wanted to eat the whole container even while feeling that sting.

Those magic flavors are achieved through a combination of tomato, garlic, and molasses. Not a combination we would have thought of, but it turns out, it works perfectly. There's a distinctive umami note and sweetness and depth from both the tomato and the molasses.

This is now something that we'll keep stocked in the pantry because it truly is the ultimate healthy snacking staple of our dreams.