Here's What Wolfgang Puck Really Served At The Oscars

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is exceptionally skilled. In fact, he's so talented that he has been preparing meals for the Academy Awards for several years. According to GQ, Puck prioritizes comfort food at the awards ceremony every time. And the chef has a good explanation for this: He said that many stars don't get the chance to eat well when they're prepping for the day. They're caught up getting their hair and make-up done and are usually ravenous by the time they get a chance to eat. "Everybody loves comfort food," he said.

But Wolfgang Puck has never shied away from making one thing clear: he prepares the meals to his preferences. Puck said that it was tricky at first, and there were some conflicts, but the chef refused to budge. However, he made sure to evolve and grow while catering for the Oscars. For example, he started making special dishes for vegetarians and vegans at the ceremony.

It's an impressive spread

Wolfgang Puck and his crew work really hard during the Academy Awards to make sure that the quality of the food served is top-notch (via Food & Wine.) In the year 2018, attendees got a chance to feast on lots of fancy dishes, including but not limited to truffled chicken pot pies, high-quality Miyazaki Wagyu beef, tacos filled with eggplant and pickled lime, sushi, and countless desserts. And here's something interesting: It has been reported that actress Meryl Streep is a big fan of the pot pies, while John Travolta loves the mac and cheese dish prepared by Wolfgang Puck and his team. It's also important to remember that some of the crew members come from far-flung places like Turkey just for the awards ceremony.  

Interestingly, when Puck and other chefs cooked for the first time at the Oscars, they had to confront a rather stressful situation: non-existent kitchen space. Luckily, the team found a quick solution.  "We actually built a kitchen outside in the parking structure – and what do you know, that day it was rainy, windy," Puck told GQ. "It was incredibly hard to cook that night," he later said.