Trader Joe's Shoppers Are Freaking Out Over Its Returning Maple Streusel Bread

The Trader Joe's List Instagram account calls itself the "original page for Trader Joe's finds," but it also makes abundantly clear that it is in no way affiliated with the actual Trader Joe's grocery store. Nevertheless, the two distinct entities appear to have one very significant, not to mention charming, thing in common — in addition to an abiding affection for all things "TJ," of course. They both possess a preternatural knack for zoning in on exactly what the people want and then delivering it — perhaps before said people even knew they wanted it. Such was the case just this afternoon, when Trader Joe's List posted to Instagram the crowd-pleasing news that Trader Joe's "Maple Streusel Bread" had returned to TJ's shelves, priced at $3.99. 

"What's your favorite way to consume this seasonal loaf from #TraderJoes?" the Instagram account inquired, suggesting, just for starters, cinnamon bun spread, cream cheese, and "MAPLE BUTTER!" But what we found particularly interesting here was that nary a word  mentioned anything even vaguely resembling pumpkin or the now ubiquitous pumpkin spice. In fact, if this Instagram post and its accompanying comments are any indication, it would appear that as Forbes predicted in 2018, "maple" may just be poised to give pumpkin spice a run for its money in terms of fall flavor dominance. Here's just a taste of the delicious plans that Trader Joe's List's followers have in mind for this "dense, maple-full loaf" (via Instagram). 

It looks like maple French toast is going to be on the menu a LOT in the next few weeks

Almost as soon as Trader Joe's List posted the autumn-licious news that TJ's "Maple Streusel Bread" was back in TJ stores, followers started coming up with wonderful ways to use this returning fan favorite. "Can you imagine this turned into cinnamon toast?!?," one fan enthused.

As lovely as cinnamon maple streusel toast sounds, a great many more of the comments focused on something that Trader Joe's List had not even suggested — except, perhaps, subliminally.

"Imagine the French toast possibilities," one Instagrammer wrote.

"I was thinking the same thing," replied another. 

"French toast with this is amazeballs," gushed another. 

But the one comment that's now stuck in our heads — and demanding that we make the trip out to TJ's any minute now — came from Instagrammer @JustWellsy, who may not even have intended it to have this effect, except that we're suckers for the Maillard reaction. "Made French toast with this recently," they recounted, along with a bit of advice that, quite frankly, had us drooling. "Don't overcook it or the maple will start to caramelize and burn/harden." 

Of course, JustWellsy had us at "caramelize."