Succession Fans Won't Want To Miss This New Ample Hills Ice Cream Flavor

If you're a fan of the television show "Succession," you have a lot to get excited about. According to The Ringer, Season 3 of the show should consistently keep viewers on the edge of their seat and can suck anyone in. The ice cream company Ample Hills couldn't wait to show off their "Succession" love — they have a special flavor ready to launch just in time for Season 3, which premieres this Sunday. According to a press release sent to Mashed, Ample Hills' new S'more on the Floor flavor takes its name from the Boar on the Floor scene in the third episode of Season 2.

The ice cream launches on October 16, but don't expect to find the product everywhere. You first need to find an Ample Hills store in New York City or New Jersey to sample the flavor. A few days after the launch, California residents can also pick up the flavor at select locations. If you don't live near any of those states, you can also order it online. S'more on the Floor features milk chocolate marshmallow ice cream combined with marshmallow scotch swirls, chocolate-dipped graham crackers, and "chocolate Greg sprinkles." This ingenious flavor didn't come about by accident — the name stems from an Instagram contest that attracted a ton of attention.

A Succession-themed flavor any ice cream fan can love

The contest began earlier in the summer. In an Instagram post, Ample Hills asked fans to come up with a pun-based flavor inspired by "Succession." Winners could reply to the post for a chance to win a 4-pack of the new flavor. The ice cream company's followers had a ton of ideas, like "Inspired by cousin Greg: 'If it is to be Cornbread' — Honey ice cream with cornmeal crumble, honeycomb, and blueberries," and "'We tested this, Gregg!' | Crème brûlée ice cream, made with lots of Greggs and cracked pieces of the topping mixed in." 

In the end, there could only be one winner, and the lucky fan that suggested S'more on the Floor can take home the greatest honor: a prize from Ample Hills that says, "'I respect you, but I'm not awed by you... I like you but I need you to like me before I can love you.'" (Well, and also some free ice cream.)

Whether you're a big "Succession" fan or just love chocolate ice cream, you can find something to enjoy in this new flavor. Make sure to stop by your local Ample Hills tomorrow to test out this new offering for yourself, or go big and order a pint or three online to enjoy while you're watching Season 3.