This Might Be The Easiest Way To Get Stuck Cake Out Of A Pan

Whether you've been on the unfortunate end of a stuck cake or you've simply watched too many episodes of "Nailed It!" and know you don't want to be stuck pulling dessert pieces out of a pan with your bare hands, it's always good to have a back up plan. While the best line of defense against stuck cakes is thoroughly greasing the pan or Bundt tin prior to adding the batter and baking the cake, there are several simple methods that will also help release the pastry treat from the pan.

As Martha Stewart suggests, there are multiple ways to be sure the cake will easily fall from the tin and onto a stand or cooling rack. You can use a silicon liner, baking spray, plenty of butter or parchment to make for an easy transfer, though butter and flour is best for an intricate cake pan or Bundt tin.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get a cake out

According to Martha Stewart, the easiest way to get a cake to release from a pan is to simply use a butter knife. Run the butter knife around the edge of the pan and carefully press into the dessert to help pull it away from the sides of the pan. The benefit of using a butter knife is that it has a rounded, dull end that is less likely to poke straight into the cake. Nonetheless, be sure you insert the knife as close to the edge as possible to prevent cuts along the sides of the cake. 

This is definitely the best method to try if time is against you. Other methods take significantly longer such as boiling water to pour over a towel. Even then, the towel needs up to 20 minutes to be effective (via The Kitchn). Whatever technique you choose to loosen a stuck cake from the pan, cracks can always be covered up with frosting and some decoration if necessary.