Sam's Club's New Sundae Is A Twix-Lover's Dream

Bulk goods warehouses like Sam's Club and Costco attract millions of American shoppers each year. Although these types of stores require a membership for checkout (along with all sorts of other rules), their deals and special perks might just make those member fees worth it.

Similarly to IKEA and its iconic meatballs found in their food court, Sam's Club too offers a café for hungry shoppers. We've all heard it's not good to shop on an empty stomach (and yet we've done it anyway), but you don't have to do so if you're shopping at Sam's Club. Business Insider notes that, while Costco's food court receives more national attention (most recently for the drama surrounding its removal of the Polish hot dog from the menu), both warehouse stores have great snack options.

Even those of us that don't shop at Sam's Club have heard about the soft pretzels, cheeseburgers, and chicken bites available at its food court. In addition to these more filling snacks, Sam's Club also has ice cream sundaes — and a new one is here that you'll probably want to try.

The newest sundae at the Sam's Club café is a Twix dream come true

According to Chew Boom, Sam's Club recently launched a new sundae option loaded with Twix bars. Featuring creamy vanilla frozen yogurt, layers of silky caramel, and that Twix Shakers seasoning blend that's been blowing up the internet, it's a great mix of flavors. While putting this seasoning on fro-yo seems fairly tame in comparison to coating chicken wings with it, really it's good on everything.

If you love Twix, you'll probably want to try this sundae. Bliss can be all yours for a low price of $1.58 and — get this — you don't even have to have a membership to buy one, says The Kitchn. However, if you want to get your hands this treat, you need to do it soon. Sam's Club announced in a Facebook post that the sundae will only be available until October 31.

Even if you don't make it there in time, you can still pick up a sweet dessert any time of the year. The Sam's Club café also carries plain frozen yogurt cups (available in vanilla, chocolate, and swirl), a four berry sundae, and a brownie sundae.