Martha Stewart Is Turning Heads On Instagram With 'Extraordinary Shrooms'

In addition to launching her line of CBD Products last year, Martha Stewart has apparently set her eyes on cultivating some "extraordinary shrooms." Okay, maybe Stewart's newly grown fungi aren't exactly the magic kind, but the images of her big, beautiful caps in her recent Instagram post are quite mesmerizing. According to the caption, she's been working on this patch for three years, and from the looks of it, her hard work has paid off.

Stewart even had the foresight to ensure the mushrooms weren't misidentified when they finally sprung up. "Luckily we included markers three years ago when the spores were inserted in the logs in the forest," she wrote in the caption. Still, Stewart implored her followers to point out anything they thought was sus, "If [anyone] notices anything wrong with the identifications — such as a deadly poisonous mushroom with an edible name — please tell me prior to me cooking them tomorrow." One follower, frankiejbsuch, took the opportunity to make an astute, albeit grim, observation: "All mushrooms are edible. Some are only edible once!!"

Stewart's 'shrooms' have people nervous

Mushroom lovers might be excited to learn more about Stewart's fungiculture hobby, and from the images of the mushroom markers she posted on Instagram, we can even tell what kinds of mushrooms she is growing. One marker is clearly labeled "PoHu," which, according to Willow Creek Mushrooms, is a type of oyster mushroom with a "tender, meat-like texture" and a "rich, buttery flavor." Sounds delicious! Another oyster variety listed on one of Stewart's markers is "Summer White," which is said to have a woodsy aroma and a flavor resembling that of cashews.

Our mouths are watering just thinking about the mushroom dishes Stewart could dream up for these beauties, and we certainly wouldn't hesitate to try any meal Stewart cooked. We're probably not alone either. Some commenters called the fungi "glorious," "amazing," and "wonderful." Other Instagram followers, however, seemed to be feeling a bit anxious about the use of these homegrown mushrooms as an ingredient. "Omg Martha please make sure," wrote leonarose.cohen, and kathymoore9607 wished Stewart well: "Good luck Martha! You are a brave woman." We're pretty sure Stewart has done her research, though, so we're in full agreement with Instagrammer akronarbor's cheeky response: "You're good Martha...all choice edibles."