Instagram Is Loving This Pic Of Guy Fieri And His Fiery Bust

As a celebrity chef and popular TV star, Guy Fieri knows how to appeal to his fans and reach out to them through his larger-than-life persona. It helps that Fieri is fairly active on major social media platforms like Instagram and never hesitates to post fun updates from his life. Some of his fans love him for it. A Redditor dedicated a post to the chef and wrote that they especially like Fieri's personality on camera, adding that he's relatable for his viewers unlike some of his peers in the industry.

Also, when someone on Twitter wondered what it would be like to get a retweet from Fieri himself, he promptly retweeted it, much to the delight of many Twitter users who were amused by his reaction to the tweet. By the way, Guy Fieri shared a funky photo himself recently in a nod to artwork created by one of his fans (via Instagram).

It's a colorful gift

Guy Fieri posted a photo of himself posing with a colorful bust created by one of his fans. "Gotta love the residents of @flavortownusa makin' art!" he wrote on Instagram. Fieri added that the artist definitely "crushed it" with her work. The fan replied that she really enjoyed meeting Guy Fieri. One of the wittiest reactions to the bust came from another Instagram user, who wrote, "That is fire Fieri!"

The chef also posted a photo of the bust on Twitter. A commentator joked that it was hard for them to figure out which one was the "real Fieri," while another wanted the bust to sport a pair of sunglasses. The artist offered more insights into her work and wrote that the bust weighs around 45 pounds and is made with ceramic. She created the bust for a project that required her to make an "expressive portrait" (via Twitter).