Do This Before Ordering The Soup Of The Day, According To Gordon Ramsay

It's no secret that Gordon Ramsay is a guru in the kitchen and restaurant space. He might have some methods that seem a little overkill at times, but that doesn't diminish the fact that's he's a great chef and knows his way around a kitchen. Over the years, he's given us normal folk some great pointers for navigating food in our own kitchens and at restaurants. Between his Ask Me Anything Reddit threads, his YouTube channel, the various TV shows that he's starred on, and the multiple interviews he's done, we've accumulated some solid know-how thanks to him. 

Like, for instance, how to properly chop herbs, the fact that lemon juice will help get rid of the heat on your fingers after handling chili peppers, the best way to cut a mango, and plenty more. In a recent interview with Town & Country, Ramsay dished out some solid restaurant advice, which we're definitely going to heed, because, well, he's Gordon Ramsay, and we trust his judgement when it comes to all things food.

He says to double-check the specials before ordering the soup of the day

During the interview with Town & Country, Ramsay touched on a few topics around the subject of restaurant dining that we're all a little unsure of when it comes to the proper protocol. For example, when you receive a bad meal at a restaurant, should you say something or do you let it go? Ramsay says, "take the opportunity to let the staff know so that they can rectify it then and in the future." Awkward as it may seem, it'll help them going forward. "It's also just as important to compliment great food and service, so don't be shy either way," he added. 

When asked what item you should never order at a restaurant, he replied, "Ask what yesterday's soup du jour was before today's special. It may be the case that it's the soup du month." Nobody wants to pay money for old, reheated soup that the restaurant is more than happy to get rid of. As much as a cup of soup might sound like just the thing, it's probably worth checking to see if they have daily specials or are just trying to get rid of something before ordering it.