Reddit Is Disgusted By This Extravagant Food Trend

It's not exactly news that social media has an influence on eating habits. There's a reason the most popular type of social media account is food (via SWNS Digital). People love sharing photos of what they are ordering or eating, and getting inspirations from the latest food trends, and especially TikTok food trends — like pancake cereals and "freakshakes," that monstrous mix of milkshake and a ridiculous amount of dessert.

Indulgent food content is quite popular on social media, with 46% of foodies seeking it out (via The Drum). However, there's indulgent and then there's extravagant, and some social media users are starting to call out an unnecessary trend toward the wasteful and extravagant.

A recent Reddit post asked, "What's that one disgusting thing that everybody except you, seem to like?" The post has racked up more than 25,000 comments in less than a day, but one in particular seemed to resonate with fellow Redditors, receiving more than 20,000 upvotes: "Those social media videos of food being made with so much heavy and greasy s**t! You know, the type where it's a whole burger, cooked into a quesadilla with a pound of cheese, then fried and covered in three different sauces."

Reddit is over all the excess and waste

As one Redditor stated in the post, "I hate those videos because sometimes the food starts looking good, then they add more, and more, and more, then they always get out a stupid squeezy bottle and coat every inch in sauce and I'm sitting here like 'holy s**t you ruined it 5 steps ago, yet you're still going....'" Another person added, "Its so gratuitous and one of the worst examples of human overconsumption."

One Redditor has a theory, "that even the makers of these videos know its disgusting and they won't consume something like that but it gets clicks and the internet seems to like it for some reason so they do it anyway." There may be some truth to that theory. According to a survey conducted by SWNS Digital, 40% of respondents admitted to uploading images of food or beverages that they did not consume, while 19% had no intentions of ever eating the items they post.

Given the questionable taste of some of these terrible food combinations, to say nothing of the dangers of overeating can make this a potentially harmful food trend, so one can only hope that they were only for show. However, given the impact that TikTok food trends have on the planet, particularly in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, just putting on a show is a huge waste indeed.