The Ghoulish Way Elysian Is Delivering Beer In Seattle

With spooky season upon us, many have taken a spirited turn towards the scary. Haunted houses are popping up everywhere, and everyone is getting into the spirit, even companies that cater to fans of other spirit-adjacent things. 

As Brew Public announced, Elysian Brewing is now selling its pumpkin-forward variety pack beers. According to the Elysian team, this includes Night Owl (brewed with pumpkin juice and pumpkin puree, plus some added spice for kick), Punkuccino (with a "shot of Stumptown coffee toddy" and a smidge of spices), The Great Pumpkin ("The world's first Imperial Pumpkin Ale,") and Dark O' The Moon (a smokey, chocolatey flavor bomb combined with fresh pumpkin and its seeds). Some of these flavors, including the Punkuccino, actually go back a few years but are ranked among some of the best pumpkin beers for fall

And Anheuser-Busch is known for some great promotions like accepting gloves and masks for free beer during the pandemic, so it stands to reason that the big draw is not just in the flavor you'll experience from the variety packs, but for those living in Seattle, the promotional way in which those variety packs will be delivered.

Prepare to shake in your boots for that beer

Starting October 14 and running through October 22, fans of the variety pack or Elysian in general can sign up for a scare, or better yet, spook their friends through Elysian's "Scary Good Delivery" website! According to a press release sent to Mashed, Elysian shared that this year, to add to its usual pumpkin-filled Halloween theme, they have teamed up with Georgetown Morgue, a Seattle-based haunted house, to make the delivery experience extra special. The "Scary Good Delivery Service" will involve actors from the "morgue" taking the place of your delivery driver and giving you fodder for your nightmares as they drop off variety packs to those who order. 

Deliveries will take place on Wednesday, October 27, and Thursday, October 28 once the sun starts to go down, in the dark hours of 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. PST as supplies last. And while the undead delivery drivers are only coming to Seattle, fans who want a taste of the variety pack sans scaries can take comfort in the fact that the beer is available for regular delivery nationwide. So who's ready to fully embrace the season?