The Worst Dessert At Arby's, According To 26% Of People

Many diners have strong feelings when it comes to Arby's. According to Reddit, some fast food fans have taken issue with the chain's sliders or roast beef and cheddar sandwiches. Eat This, Not That recommends staying away from both the turkey and Swiss and the roast turkey ranch and bacon sandwiches on health grounds. While you often hear patrons verbally duke it out about which Arby's items reign supreme and which ones fall flat, it might feel like the conversation never includes the chain's desserts.

Through a new poll of 593 U.S.-based respondents, Mashed has now figured out which Arby's dessert ranks as customers' least favorite confection. Of those polled, 8.43% gave a thumbs down to the triple chocolate cookie, and 13.32% of folks said, "No thanks," to the salted caramel and chocolate cookie. A considerable 14.50% indicated that they did not enjoy Arbys' apple turnovers, while the cherry turnovers fared worse, turning off 17.88% of diners. The jamocha shake, which proved popular on Reddit, did not impress 19.06% of diners, but those numbers couldn't hold a candle to those of the least popular Arby's dessert.

The worst sweet treat at Arby's

Out of all of Arbys' desserts, the Dr Pepper float came in as the least popular, with 26.81% of Mashed's poll respondents liking it the least. According to Chew Boom, the fast food chain introduced the item in April of 2021, and, as its name suggests, the dessert features a mix of Dr Pepper soda and vanilla ice cream. Some Redditors over at the r/fastfood subreddit didn't feel particularly thrilled when the treat first hit menus, with one user commenting, "As a former employee I can tell you that these floats are not new and they will make you one year round with whatever soda you want." Another user confirmed this, saying they're fond of ordering blue Powerade floats.

Next time a sweet craving strikes, keep the poll results in mind and consider passing up a Dr Pepper float in favor of another dessert if you find yourself at Arby's. Thrillist reports that some Arby's locations only offer this item during certain parts of the year, which may make your last-course choice that much easier.