NFL Player A.J. Brown Just Blamed His Food Poisoning On This Popular Chain

Athletes and their bodies don't take to food poisoning lightly. According to TMZ, New York Jets receiver Denzel Mims allegedly lost 20 pounds in August as a result of an extended bout of food poisoning that required antibiotics to treat. Athlon Sports also reports that this same ailment has disrupted a handful of sports moments in the past, ranking the most memorable as the time the entire college football team behind the top-rated Oklahoma Sooners fell incredibly ill in 1959, costing them a big game against Northwestern, with many alleging foul play.

The Titans' A.J. Brown seems to be the latest victim. Not only has he faced a hamstring issue over the course of the 2021 football season, but a foodborne illness nearly led him to miss a recent game between the Titans and the Buffalo Bills, per Sporting News. As the site reports, the wide receiver recently came down with a 48-hour case of food poisoning, with Brown revealing that he believes a meal from Chipotle caused the illness. The case didn't hit Brown lightly either. Up until game time on Monday night, October 18, it looked like the athlete might not have had the strength to hit the field as he was on the injury list, though Brown eventually pulled through to play.

A severe case of Chipotle-induced food poisoning almost cost Brown a spot in the game

According to Sporting News, Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown revealed the source of his food poisoning during a press conference after successfully pulling through the game on Monday night, October 18. "I'm sorry, Chipotle," Brown said, shrugging it off. "{I] probably won't get an endorsement..." While the athlete joked about the ordeal, he divulged that he faced some severe health issues as a result, losing eight pounds over the course of 48 hours. 

"I got like three IVs," Brown said. "I got two this morning. I got a bag-and-a-half before the game. Like I said earlier, I didn't know if I was gonna play or not." The sickness didn't stop Brown, however, and his performance helped cinch the win for the Titans after catching a 22-yard pass that helped get Brown's team deep enough downfield to win the game, per Tennessean.

Luckily, Brown made a noticeable recovery. The word's still out on how Chipotle may respond to the allegation, but it might make other football players a bit more hesitant to indulge in tacos and burritos from the fast food chain before playing any big games.