Can Molasses Help Relieve Digestive Problems?

Molasses is one of those foods that doesn't appear in recipes very often, but it's a surprisingly good sweetener for a lot of things, and its benefits go beyond just adding sweetness. Molasses is a byproduct created from processing raw sugar cane and sugar beets, and the thick syrup actually contains a host of minerals and nutrients, according to Taste of Home

It can be used as a potentially effective hair conditioner, face wash, as a substitute for honey or maple syrup in recipes, and even as a way to relieve menstrual cramps, according to Organic Facts. A study published in the Journal of Canadian Chiropractic Association examined the use of molasses (among other remedies) to help prevent menorrhagia, "which causes excessive blood flow for a longer duration during menstruation" (per Organic Facts). 

The minerals found in blackstrap molasses include iron, vitamin B6, manganese, magnesium, potassium, iron, and selenium. It also provides a bit of calcium, copper, and chromium (per Alternative Daily). Magnesium, and calcium may prevent the clotting of blood and relieve menstrual cramps. Molasses has also been tested as a remedy for digestive problems.

Potential relief for digestive issues

There have been several studies published that tested the efficacy of molasses as a remedy for constipation in children, including a study published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology. In the trial, two methods of relieving constipation were tested, including molasses, and both proved effective, showing that molasses could potentially serve as a good way to help reduce digestive issues. 

According to The Healthy, "Blackstrap molasses is boiled and concentrated three times, so it has significant vitamins and minerals; magnesium, in particular, will help you achieve constipation relief." If you find yourself struggling with digestive issues and haven't found a natural remedy that works for you, The Alternative Daily says, "Having some blackstrap molasses in the morning will set you up well for the day by helping to balance stress hormones, stimulate digestion and detox, and regulate blood sugar." 

You can try it in your morning tea or coffee, mix it in with some water and lemon juice, or even just take a tablespoon raw every morning and wash it down if the taste is overpowering. There are plenty of ways to introduce this sweet superfood into your diet, and it might just offer you some great benefits!