José Andrés Dishes On Waffles And Mochi - Exclusive

A brand many families know and love, Hellmann's mayonnaise recently launched a new initiative to try to save one million meals across the United States, in an effort to reduce food waste. With some help from chef José Andrés, the Hellmann's campaign even has some flexible recipes, or "flexipes," that people can follow to create some amazing dishes from what they have on hand in the fridge. Better yet, those who share their creations on social channels with hashtags #fridgehunters and #sweepstakes along with tagging Hellmann's between October 14 and October 24 can win a one-on-one session with chef Andrés to coach them through fridge hunting. But to help folks get started, chef Andrés sat down with Mashed to discuss the incredible impact of this initiative and that of "Waffles + Mochi," Netflix's children's show that features two puppets exploring global cuisine. In one episode of "Waffles + Mochi," the chef demonstrated how to make gazpacho (via Eater).

"I think the show is what children of the world needed, but also the grownups. We still have two creatures that are beautiful, that they want to learn more, that they are saying, 'We are happy here, but we want to see what is out there. We want to search and we want to learn, and we want to understand the foods that are in other parts of the world and know more about them and ask questions, and whatever information we receive, we process, and on our own, we make decisions,'" Andrés said. 

Chef Andrés on the impact of Waffles + Mochi

What many people might not realize at first glance is that through the Hellmann's campaign and "Waffles + Mochi," chef José Andrés is really continuing his life's work. "I think that search of understanding what every vegetable, what every person, what every recipe, this story that those dishes have to tell us, I think, is fascinating. For me, it was obviously, I've been talking for many, many, many years, that vegetables speak to you, that ingredients speak to you. Many people made fun of me over the years," Andrés said. "For me, to say that that show was about very much ingredients speaking to us, was great for me be on the first and the last show. It was very special," he added.

The celebrity chef was also quite honored to be a part of the show. "I'm very thankful to the Obamas, obviously for inviting me, but more important, for taking the initiative of making that show happen. That show is going to be having a very important mark. I hope [Season 2] will be soon. Like Mochi and Waffles, to this campaign of Hellmann's mayonnaise, it takes a village to make change and to make a dent in the problems we have," the chef said. "We need to know more about the foods we eat and the foods we consume and make it fun and make it educational, at the same time. I think this is a big win," he added. Clearly, his world-changing work with Hellmann's, "Waffles + Mochi," and his charity, World Central Kitchen is very important to chef Andrés and all those he impacts. 

Check out the Hellmann's website to learn how to make the most of your leftovers and enter the Fridge Hunters Sweepstakes. Stay up-to-date with José Andrés by following him on Instagram.