Aldi Shoppers Are Psyched For Its Organic Maple Butter

If you can get your hands on some maple butter, get ready to brace your taste buds for an extra special treat. According to The Bake School, this product shouldn't contain any actual butter. Rather, you just have to heat maple syrup over boiling water and then quickly chill the mixture while stirring it together. This develops a crystalline texture that resembles butter and deserves to get spread on a piece of toast. But making this concoction takes some time and not everyone has the luxury of whipping this ingredient together, as often as they would like. 

Luckily, Aldi has a new product for anyone looking to get a bit more maple butter into their life. Instagram user @adventuresinaldi recently discovered the grocery chain now carries a unique maple butter just in time for fall. They posted a picture of the find alongside the caption, "Maple butter! I literally have no clue what to do with this, but would love any of your ideas! You can find it in the special buy aisle right now & it sounds amazing!" The post has attracted a ton of attention and fans lined up to share their thoughts on this find.

The best uses for Aldi's maple butter

The Instagram post attracted a huge group of followers ready to share their maple butter secrets. One user said, "We tossed roasted brussel sprouts in it tonight, amazing!!!" While another stated, "I put it on Pumpkin cinnamon French toast." Another fan recommended it as a spread, saying, "I've been eating it on warm croissants! It's so good," while a different user heard it makes breakfast better, replying with, "I also heard people use it in oatmeal."

However, while this item seems perfect, some have taken offense to this product. She Knows alleges that the Aldi maple butter simply copies Trader Joe's maple butter. If you can't get your hands on one variety of maple butter this year, take heart knowing that both versions taste similar and offer up the same sweet flavor that can make any meal that much better. If you want to grab Aldi's take on the product, just make sure to act fast. Once this product sells out, you might not see it again for another year.