If Your Aldi Is Missing These Halloween Items You're Not Alone

Dedicated Aldi shoppers know that the Aldi Finds section of the in-store flyer and on the grocery store's website are always well worth a glance. But with no end in sight to shipping delays due to the supply chain crisis, Aldi is among the many brands and chains that are unable to get their goods to the right places on time (via KTLA).

That means shoppers in some stores may not see Aldi Finds items during the scheduled week they are supposed to become available. Others might not see the items make it to their stores at all. Aldi shared the following disclaimer and apology on their website: "We are experiencing shipping delays and are working around the clock to fix it. We know it is frustrating and we are sorry for any and all inconveniences. These delays mean that the below Aldi Finds may not be in store on the advertised on sale date. We are trying our best to limit these delays and we will make products available in store as soon as possible. We know our customers go to great lengths and effort to get Aldi Finds that are important to them. We appreciate your loyalty and ask for your understanding and apologize in advance for any disappointment this might cause."

These are the Halloween items that may not be available in the coming weeks

Aldi shared that many Halloween items in particular will not be available at all of the locations as you might expect them to be. The items from the week of October 6 included ceramic pumpkins, Transylvania cave cheese, Rice Krispies Halloween kits, and more. The skulls and eyeball cookie mix and pumpkin spice-sliced brioche are also missing from many locations.

Items possibly affected for the week of October 20 include 4 food Halloween inflatables, glowing succulents, and reversible fall porch signs. For the week of October 27, items like harvest wreaths, fall gnomes and an array of cast iron cookware such as dutch ovens and skillets might also be delayed.

So, if you don't see these items at your local Aldi when they should be there, be patient, but also understand that you might not be able to get them from your go-to store. If there's something you really want to get, you might consider shopping around at different Aldi locations near you to see if any have them in stock.