Rebel Wilson Understands Why You Want To Talk About Her Diet

You may recognize her from her role in "Pitch Perfect" or be familiar with her self-deprecating humor, but that's not what Rebel Wilson wants to be known for anymore (via The Independent). The Australian actress is actively working to shed her reputation as the token side character whose personality revolves almost entirely around a different main character. She'd also like the media's conversation to be directed toward her career rather than her looks. Unfortunately, however, people still can't stop talking about Wilson's weight. Despite the fact that in 2019 she produced two movies and starred in an Oscar-nominated film, the media has been paying more attention to Wilson's weight loss, as she pointed out in an interview with Australia's Daily Telegraph, per The Independent.

Though frustrating for her career, Rebel Wilson has since taken the opportunity to be more transparent about her journey, in hopes it could motivate someone else. In fact, she understands why the public might wonder about her diet. "I get it," she told People, "Oprah is one of my heroes. She's certainly struggled with eating issues and I would always watch her episodes when she spoke about that." Channeling her inner Oprah, in August, Wilson posted an inspirational throwback picture taken at her self-described "unhealthiest." Wilson shared, "just wanted to send out some encouragement to everyone out there struggling with weight or body issues or emotional eating. I feel you. I know what it's like" (via Instagram).

Rebel Wilson doesn't buy into toxic diet culture

On Instagram it's common to see influencers and celebrities sharing ads for detox teas and all kinds of gimmicky weight loss supplements. Rebel Wilson, on the other hand, chooses to keep it real on social media. "Remember though girls, you still gotta treat yourself," she captioned an Instagram video of her eating a piece of cake. "I just do it with food now only once or twice a week...and substitute bubble baths on alternate nights." Wilson admits that she still has a sweet tooth, but doesn't eat nearly as much sugar as she did before when she was consuming around 3,000 calories a day (via People). 

These days, Wilson fuels her body with food high in protein and low in carbs. She also makes sure to maintain realistic eating habits and doesn't deprive herself. "Rather than step on the scale, look at yourself in the mirror and be like 'dammmm girrrrrl ... you're smart and talented and accomplished and perfect just the way you are,"' she reminded her Instagram followers.