Reddit Is Shook By These 'Cursed Food Orders'

If you've ever worked at a server in a restaurant, you know that some crazy stuff goes down within those walls. From diners doing things like calling 911 to report being served too-small clams, to ordering pizza with a specific amount of toppings on each slice, or bringing in an iguana on a leash (via Cosmopolitan), restaurant servers have pretty much seen every type of bad behavior and quirk under the sun. 

The Reddit subreddit u/TalesFromYourServer is a great place to find entertaining stories of misadventure in the restaurant industry. The board is full of tales, from one server's story of an egregiously awkward marriage proposal to another's anecdote about a couple refusing to be seated at a table where some "weird" people had just eaten (via Reddit). Recently, another thread detailed the many, many weird food orders servers have taken in their places of business — and some of the responses are downright unbelievable.

Fruit dipped in ranch dressing and meatless meatball subs

The Reddit subreddit u/TalesFromYourServer is a reliable source of a good laugh, as restaurant servers share some of the crazy situations they've encountered. The October 19 post about "cursed," i.e., wacky, food orders that servers have had the pleasure of witnessing has generated quite a few interesting responses. The author of the thread, user PuzzleheadedBobcat90, shared their tale of a gentleman enjoying a fruit plate in a rather odd way.

"[He] dipped every piece in ranch dressing. Watermelon? In the ranch. Blackberries? In the ranch. Pineapple? In the damn ranch," they wrote.

Meanwhile, user ExistentialWonder, a former Subway employee, shared a tidbit about a particularly surprising sandwich order. "I had this stoner couple come in late every Friday night and order two footlongs on white bread with only marinara sauce and like 4 heaping handfuls of black olives," they wrote. "Nothing else. They paid for meatball subs but didn't want the meatballs."

User IUsedTheRandomizer shared a story that might take the cake for most bizarre food combo, even stranger than fruit and ranch dressing. "It sounds straightforward enough, but whipped cream on fried fish tacos. I asked twice if he meant sour cream instead of the spicy aioli it came with, but no, he wanted whipped cream, as well as everything else," they wrote. "One of the line cooks was so morbidly curious he made an order for us to try, and ... cilantro and whipped cream taste like mortal enemies."