The Secret Curd Saving Hack Revealed In Snoop & Martha's Very Tasty Halloween

Anytime professional bakers are competing with money on the line, the stakes are high and the pressure is on. But when you throw in fun and legendary personalities like Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Tasty's Alvin Zhou as the judges, the pressure certainly turns up another level. While there are plenty of mistakes and missteps contestants can make along the way in a baking competition, some are more easily corrected than others. Luckily for one contestant on "Martha and Snoop's Very Tasty Halloween," no matter how tight the time constraints might be, one dessert error is easily mended with a common kitchen tool.

Nina of The Real Hallowqueens team found that the curd they had made wasn't doing so well. "This is chunky, gotta' smooth this out. My curd got curdled ... it got kind of thick in the fridge," the chef explained to the camera. Fortunately, Nina and another teammate knew exactly what to do to save the curd — and it's a simple enough fix for home bakers to take from the Halloween special too.

How to easily fix a curdled curd

After Nina from the Hallowqueens found that the curd had thickened and curdled, they quickly jumped to the fastest solution for the problem. "I'm going to hit it with the immersion blender. Hopefully, it will smooth it out and make it creamy," the chef said. That's when teammate Eric stepped in to explain exactly how the immersion blender can turn things around for the dessert. "Curds and mousses tend to break and give you that scrambled eggy kind of look. You can reestablish that emulsion by blending it really quickly and save it," the contestant said. Really, it's just one more reason you should probably add an immersion blender to your arsenal of tools if you don't already have one. 

After Nina blitzed the curd, it miraculously turned smooth and creamy again in no time. The team was then able to pipe it into the choux buns Nina had already baked off. Just like that, the Hallowqueens were back on track to finish their treats and backdrop for the Halloween bake off and party. So, keep that curd saving tip in mind — especially if you find yourself in a pinch for time.