Sainsbury's Is Selling Pigs In A Blanket Sushi For Christmas And Twitter Is Torn

Sainsbury's has decided to take the festive season very seriously this year. As reported by The Grocer, the British grocery chain has over 300 new products available for its customers just in time for the Christmas season. The options are endless and include delicious new picks such as lemongrass prawn skewers, chicken waffles, a festive sandwich called Ruldoph's Night Before Christmas Feast, black bean tacos, and a lot more. 

Seafood is getting special attention in the line-up with options such as ready-to-eat whole Canadian lobster and smoked salmon. Not satisfied yet? You may want to consider buying sushi rolls for your family. However, Sainsbury's has created an unusual take on the popular meal by creating pigs in a blanket sushi, and Twitter users are understandably confused by this latest offering. While some are game for a bit of experimentation and like the idea, others can't quite wrap their heads around this concept and are reluctant to try the dish.

People have mixed reactions to the unique sushi roll

As per The Grocer, expect the unexpected with the pigs in a blanket sushi rolls. They have unusual ingredients such as cranberry sauce and seaweed and are covered with "sticky, snowy rice blankets." The sushi is best described as a mix of sweet and savory flavors, and will be available for sale starting at the beginning of November. A Twitter user came up with an apt name for the new snack and called it "saushi." 

But a different commentator didn't seem too impressed with the new product and wrote, "this is where the fetish for fusion foods leads." Another optimistic Twitter user gave the sushi rolls the benefit of doubt and said that they knew a Japanese classmate that often prepared yummy KFC sushi. This off-beat combination may just end up working, after all. However, others are simply reluctant to try the new snack. An annoyed commentator wrote, "that's disgusting."