Quiznos New Reuben Sandwich Includes An Unexpected Ingredient

When it comes to a warm, toasted sandwich, nothing satisfies quite like Quiznos. The origin story behind Quiznos is a tale as old as time. Chef Jimmy Lambatos was busy running his Italian-restaurant "Footers," when the brainchild behind Quiznos' now-famous toasted subs was conceived. Lambato's toasted sandwiches, which were inspired by the ones he grew up eating in New York City, got their very own restaurant in 1981, and the rest is history (via Delish). "Heating anything brings out the flavors in food products. I don't care what it is," the Quiznos founder once said, according to Mental Floss.

This Denver-based chain has faced its fair share of obstacles, from confronting numerous lawsuits, to needing to file for bankruptcy in 2014 (via CNN). According to Restaurant Business, Quiznos downsized from 4,700 locations in 2007 to less than 400 in 2017. Nevertheless, this tiny but mighty chain persisted, and its beloved sandwiches aren't going anywhere anytime soon. While it has never been able to surpass Subway in the sandwich sphere, Quiznos has garnered an impressive cult following in and of itself. From its Spicy Monterey sub to its Baja Chicken sandwich, customers can't get enough of Quiznos' delicious creations — and their latest Reuben sandwich sounds just as tasty as the rest of this fast-casual chain's menu (via Quiznos).

Quiznos will be adding this unique ingredient to its sandwich

To spice up its menu, Quiznos is debuting a tasty new Reuben sandwich with an unexpected alteration, according to Chew Boom. This flavorful sandwich will include sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, tangy Thousand Island dressing, on toasted rustic rye bread. The star of the sandwich? Premium bison meat. Yes, that's right, corned bison from High Plains Bison will be replacing corned beef in this innovative twist on the classic reuben.

"While our guests find familiar items appealing, they are also consistently looking for new and adventurous menu items to try," Director of Culinary and Innovation for REGO Restaurant Group, Mike Gieseman, told Business Wire. "The Bison Reuben provides a unique protein option to the beloved traditional Reuben sandwich. Bison is a tender and flavorful meat that can elevate a well-loved sandwich to new heights."

High Plains Bison produces high caliber corned bison free from growth hormones, antibiotics, steroids, and animal by-products. To top that off, corned bison is also a healthier alternative to corned beef, possessing notably less fat and 49 grams of protein per sandwich. This delicious new Bison Reuben will be available for a limited time only in participating locations across America and Canada. Get it while it's still hot and toasty.