This Starbucks Employee's Drive-Thru Story Reveals A Shocking Truth

Starbucks employees seemingly have to handle a lot. Over on Reddit, employees recounted horrible on-the-job stories that ranged from getting their keys stuck in the door when they had to close down for the evening, all the way to dealing with angry customers during Frappuccino happy hour in the mall. A recent TikTok video added another grotesque Starbucks customer service experience to the long list of ordeals that baristas have had to put up with while working at the fast food chain.

The post features a former employee who recounted a story about when they worked at Starbucks in the early morning hours before going to high school. At around 5 a.m., an unruly customer drove up to the former barista's drive-thru window and ordered a morning coffee. When prompted about what kind of drink this entailed, the customer replied by saying it obviously meant a Frappuccino. After serving the drink, the customer then demanded that the barista put a cherry on top. However, after learning that Starbucks doesn't stock cherries, the barista had to get their manager to explain to the customer that the restaurant did not have cherries. The customer then exploded into a tantrum and threw the Frappuccino at the service staff, amounting to the worst experience the TikToker ever had to deal with at their Starbucks job.

The harrowing experience Starbucks employees constantly face

While the TikTok video could make anyone feel offended on behalf of the barista, the comment section revealed an even more shocking truth. The top comment on the post reads: "People don't realize how many customers try throwing their drinks through the window," and it sparked a ton of other horror stories. Other comments included gems like, "No fr people do this s*** all the time we don't get COMPENSATEDDDD" and "As a cop who worked the service industry prior I am SO sorry. I would love nothing more than to arrest her for assault/disorderly conduct/etc."

Other users pointed out that cameras outside of Starbucks most likely captured the offending customer's license plate and the barista could press charges if they wanted. The TikToker eventually went on to a happier career but they still carry the weight of that one particular interaction that a ton of Starbucks employees seemingly have to constantly deal with, too.