The Hilarious Reason Mountain Dew Is Trending On Twitter

Mountain Dew has gained some solid notoriety in recent years thanks to their ongoing publicity stunts that seem to up the ante every time. For example, the brand drummed up support for their Baja Blast flavor in 2018 by claiming fans could only enjoy the drink at a remote bungalow listed on Craigslist as part of an April Fool's joke, per Marketing Dive. And Beverage Daily covered an even more outlandish stunt in 2012 that even caused manufacturer Pepsi Co. to issue an apology. That's when the soda brand created a Mountain Dew ad around the tagline "Don't Dew This At Home," that showed teens surfing the tracks on an underground train in England, which led to concerns about children trying to emulate the stunt.

In comparison, the soda giant's latest publicity effort seems tame, but has still drawn a ton of attention and some seriously funny responses. Over on Twitter, the brand created a new post that reads, "Reply with 'Mtn Dew makes me' and let autocorrect complete your sentence," leading to some truly over-the-top responses from fans around the world. For example, "Mtn Dew makes me give me a job please," or "Mtn Dew makes me think about that one time I don't have the money to get the bill."

Mountain Dew's latest Tweet is inspiring some funny responses

Many responses to the Tweet featured long walls of words that could make anyone question what the users' text histories look like – like this gem: "Mtn Dew makes me feel like a dollar store in the past day and I will be there in about it to get my ID and had to go to bed before I went to bed early and I was like five minutes ago but I don't know if I can help you out with family and I will be there in a few minutes after I g." And another read, "Mtn Dew makes me sad and sad to see if I can get a good day for me to do it again and again I am so sorry for the first time in my life."

Other responses went straight to the point, like, "Mtn Dew makes me feel like I am a good ole rebel," or "Mtn Dew makes me feel like a girl." If you feel inclined to share your own autocorrect fill, there's no time like the present as responses are still rolling in. You might just find some new gems that can beat current contenders like, "Mtn Dew make me think of an insurance agent," or "Mtn Dew makes me want to go to school on a Saturday night..."