Aldi Shoppers Are Agreeing With This Coffee Award

Aldi is perhaps best known as a no-frills grocery chain. While the German brand is lauded for its excellent prices and speedy service, it's not a store where people go if they expect lots of fancy extras, name brands, or even if they want someone else to bag their groceries for them. However, just because they are not particularly fancy, that doesn't mean Aldi brand items are low-quality. In fact, many store shoppers have found it to be quite the opposite. Many fans swear by Aldi's products, finding some to be even better than pricier, brand-name items. One of the chain's most popular products is their Simply Nature Organic coffee

Each bag of Simply Nature contains whole beans of organic, certified fair trade coffee imported from Peru or Honduras, according to Aldi. A 12-ounce bag of these beans runs for only about $5, and for years, quite a few Aldi fans have found they prefer this option over the more pricey stuff. But it turns out that it's not just Aldi shoppers who love this coffee — the ChefsBest organization does so as well. ChefsBest, an independent judging organization that ranks the best tasting, high-quality food items in America, awarded Aldi's Simply Nature Organic coffee the ChefsBest Award in 2020, according to Beans and Burrs. And Redditors couldn't agree more with the award.

Fans continue to rave about Aldi's coffee online

As great as the ChefsBest Award may be, it wasn't the coffee brand's first award. In fact, Aldi's Simply Nature Organic coffee is no stranger to recognition for its great taste and quality, winning the American Masters Of Taste Superior Taste Gold Medal Seal from Chefs in America in 2019 (via Beans and Burrs). These accolades have come as no surprise to devoted Aldi shoppers, who have long sung the praises of this coveted coffee.

Fans have known for some time that Simply Nature is easily comparable to more expensive brands, delivering a high-quality beverage, and often for less than half the price. "I have to say, we tried this because we were out of our normal, expensive coffee, and our normal mid-range fallback has been hard to find in whole bean form for quite awhile. I love it!" one fan raved on Reddit. Another person agreed, saying, "I was buying $20 a bag whole bean coffee from some small rosters — good stuff but this is just as good. I've been buying this, but the Peru origin, for about six months now." 

So, if you are spending too much on coffee, but don't want to give up the rich flavor and impressive quality of more expensive brands, you might want to swap out your pricey cup of Joe for a bag of Aldi's Simply Nature Organic coffee. With qualifications like these, you're sure not to be disappointed.