Twitter Is Trolling Dasani After Gunna And Chloe Bailey's Courtside Pic

Twitter had a collective giggle when it saw a picture of singer-songwriter Chloë Bailey and rapper Gunna sitting on the sidelines of an NBA game between the Atlanta Hawks and Dallas Mavericks (via HelloBeautiful). While some were consumed by speculation that the two were dating, others were more amused by the bottle of Dasani on the table between them. This was captured by a Twitter user who said, they didn't "care if [Bailey's] with gunna all i wanna know is why she's drinking dasani water."

One person tweeted an apparent warning, writing, "If they prefer Dasani water" along with rows of red flags. Another couldn't contain their confusion. "Yo wtffffff.......she drink dasani??" they wrote. Elsewhere, a Twitter user declared, "I wouldn't give Dasani to my worst enemy." But in reply, a commenter suggested this brand of bottled water is precisely the right gift for an archnemesis. 

The discourse bored into itself like an ouroboros. As the responses built upon each other, the boundary between the music stars and the water became less and less clear until the void of Twitter twinkled with aimless, internet amusement. "People on the internet will find anything to bully somebody over," a person mused. "Yeah," another agreed. "But did you not see the Dasani bottle? Some people deserve it." 

What's with the Dasani trolling?

Some Twitter users took the response Gunna and Chlöe Bailey's beverage seriously, seeming confused or pointing out that Dasani might be the only bottled water brand the arena serves. But this was beside the point, at least according to some.  As one person put it, "Im mad y'all ruined the fun of the joke." Someone else echoed that attitude, writing, "It's a joke babe." Many might be surprised by the amount of harsh humor this bottled water could inspire. But it's part of a pattern.

Earlier this year, Heavy reported that Coke's attempt to ship Dasani to Texas as a relief aid during Winter Storm Uri was met with ridicule, mostly along the lines of how Texans would reject it in an emergency. Even when COVID-19 sent people racing to grocery stores, seemingly no one wanted to panic-buy bottles of Dasani.  A picture shared in March 2020 showed a full shelf of Dasani boxes while the rest of the stretch of shelves had been picked bare (via Twitter). Distractify explained that the main issue some people really seem to have with Dasani is that they dislike the taste.