Your Pizza Slicer Can Do More Than You Thought

Although Food & Wine endorses cutting your pizza with a chef's knife, we simply cannot do the same. While you don't need to splurge on a $200 pizza slicer, like ones you can find on Amazon, you should definitely invest in the tool, especially after reading this article. Yet, don't just buy a cheap one either, as ones with weak handles have the tendency to snap and break, which can land you in the emergency room.

Perhaps you'll be more incentivized to purchase a quality pizza cutter when you hear that you can use the gadget for multiple things. That's right, the pizza slicer isn't just for pizza. From cutting a tortilla to throw into the oven to make chips to slicing sandwiches into bite-sized pieces, having a pizza cutter in your drawer will transform your life — and you're not going to want to go back to life without it.

Alternative uses for a pizza slicer

Eat This, Not That notes that a great, but unconventional way to utilize a pizza cutter is when you need to slice some greens. Simply roll your pizza cutter over vegetables like cilantro or kale, rotating your bowl 90 degrees every so often, and you'll have some bite-sized pieces for your next salad.

Not the biggest fan of veggies? You can also utilize your pizza cutter to make homemade croutons for soup or cut a quesadilla into halves, according to Cutco. If big, clunky knives scare you, you can also use a pizza cutter to cut small pieces of tender meat in half. In addition, having a pizza slicer means that you can now order your pizza uncut, which can have a multitude of benefits. 

So, what are you waiting for? The next time you are going to slice some herbs, make sure to keep your pizza cutter handy.