Reddit Can't Believe This Massive Instacart Soda Order

The grocery delivery service Instacart was founded in 2012 to make getting groceries more convenient than ever. On days when you just can't make it to the store, users can download the app or go to the Instacart website and select the items they want to purchase from the comfort of their own homes. An Instacart shopper will then select the items in-store and deliver them to the customer's door. You could get all the groceries you need for the week without ever leaving your house. The easy, convenient, one-stop online shop for groceries, which was founded by a former Amazon employee named Apoorva Mehta according to Forbes, has become so popular with busy consumers that it can now be found in over 5,500 cities and close to 55,000 stores throughout North America, per an Instacart press release.

Instacart wouldn't be anything without the Instacart shoppers, the hard workers who go around selecting the items from the shelves in the store and transporting them to the delivery address. As one might guess, Instacart shoppers can sometimes come across some weird or interesting orders throughout their workday, the type that makes them wonder what that person was thinking. One Instacart shopper had just such an experience delivering a massive haul of Dr Pepper to a house in a single run.

One Instacart shopper delivered 450 pounds of Dr Pepper

The weary shopper just had to share their recent gargantuan delivery of soda with the subreddit r/InstacartShoppers, an online community created for Instacart shoppers to talk, learn, and share what their experience is like. The shopper posted a photo of rows of Dr Pepper cases, neatly stacked in a tidy row on the customer's front porch. One user counted 25 12-packs and 10 24-packs of soda and estimated that weighed a whopping 450 pounds.

Fellow shoppers reacted not only to the sheer size of the order but the sheer effort it must have taken to deliver. "How much did they pay...and please tell me you had a wagon or something," wrote u/Lettuce-Special. Meanwhile, u/mic321 was "Surprised they had all that [Dr Pepper] in stock." Others couldn't help wondering why someone would need to order all that Dr Pepper in one day.

"Maybe they hand out DP for Halloween?!??" one reasonable user suggested, while another joked, "Are they filling a pool with it?" "Are they scared of the Dr Pepper running out or something?" a third Redditor wondered. Although we may never know if the delivery was for a party, Halloween handouts, or a household that simply goes through that much Dr Pepper in a week, we do know that it can't have been easy to deliver all of that soda. So maybe remember to tip your Instacart shoppers a little extra this holiday season.