Michael Symon Wishes You'd Try This Type Of Meat

Celebrity chef Michael Symon enjoys working with meat. The food personality told AOL that he likes to follow a minimalistic approach when he's cooking. "In most cases you are better off taking an ingredient out of a dish as opposed to adding one," Symon explained. In terms of perfecting his meal, the restaurateur explained that he likes to ensure that meat is at room temperature before he starts working with it. He also lets it sit for awhile after he's done with the cooking process. 

And when it comes to smoking meat, Symon reckons that many cooks get the basics wrong. He told Mashed in an exclusive interview, "Treating each piece of meat the correct way will help you avoid any wasted food or disappointing meals." The food star also enjoys trying different types of unique food like offal, which is essentially organ meat that's full of nutrients (via Food Republic). 

Michael Symon weighs in on offal and meat prices

A follower asked Michael Symon on Twitter about offal and wondered whether marketing the meat and changing its name could help bring down beef prices. The chef wrote back, "Sadly people just won't try it." As far as Symon is concerned, it's difficult to get people to like offal, something that's quite an underrated option. Another Twitter user said that they've found lots of Mexican dishes with offal in Southern California, which means that it's always in demand. They wrote, "Soup with tripe is very good. Both the pho and the Mexican one." 

A different user added, "If prices keep going up it will be a non issue. Choices for peasants like myself will be eat offal or become a vegetarian. However, another commentator added that offal simply doesn't work for those who have gall bladder issues. Despite the possible health benefits and unique flavors, it appears that not everyone is comfortable with trying the unusual dish.