The Real Reason Trendy Food Is Expensive, According To Michael Symon

Celebrity chef Michael Symon definitely knows a lot about the food industry thanks to the fact that he's been exploring it for a long time. According to Delish, many believe that Symon helped get Cleveland's food culture back into the spotlight. He opened several eateries in his hometown — such as Lola and Mabel's BBQ — and is an expert who has written several cookbooks for his fans in a bid to make cooking a lot more accessible to others.

Unsurprisingly, Symon is not afraid to speak up about food trends and the things that he likes versus the ideas that he's not too excited about. He once told The Philadelphia Magazine in an interview that he doesn't approve of molecular gastronomy as a food trend. He explained, "I don't like overhandled food. The next big trend is going to be simplification, a continual movement back to basics."

Symon also has insights into how food trends impact prices. He wrote about his thoughts on the topic on Twitter, explaining why popular food items tend to be so expensive.

Michael Symon pointed to supply and demand

Basically, someone lamented on Twitter that food items such lobster, bacon, BBQ, and chicken wings were cheaper food items before they got wildly popular and trendy. They added that this led to the items being "grossly overpriced" because consumers are willing to pay extra for something that's trending in the food industry. Michael Symon had a different explanation, though.

He wrote, "They get expensive because of supply and demand more than being 'trendy' ... tenderloin, for example, is the worst cut in the steer ... but most popular ... therefore most expensive ..." Someone else added that they believe that the location tends to play an important role as well. For example, they were able to purchase lobster for $4 for each pound in New Hampshire, while the prices were as high as $20 in Wisconsin. Another person wrote that when all is said and done, trends end up impacting demand in a big way.