Costco Shoppers Are Relating To This Gas Station Rant

Costco is for people who are efficient. You know, those who want to maximize the amount of stuff they can buy in the least time possible while also grabbing lunch, choosing prescription eyewear, and getting new tires. In particular, no one has time for the dawdlers that plague the gas line, irrefutably discussed by supporters of a new "Costco Gas Rant" published on Reddit.

"Anyone who pulls up to a gas pump at Costco should be primed and ready to get their gas and get out," says original poster @QoftheContinuum, noting that anyone in line for the price club's beloved discount petrol should have their membership card and payment method at the ready before pulling up to the pump. "Costco gas is not a leisure cruise. It is a tactical extraction mission," they jokingly added.

This is not surprising to see, as people have lots of opinions about Costco and everything therein. But it is interesting to see this enthusiasm extend to the parking lot, and if the Reddit comments are any indication, there's lots of agreement when it comes to this rant.

Nobody's got time for lazy Costco gas pumpers

The original Reddit poster really harps on the fact that time is of the essence when getting gas at Costco, a sentiment people couldn't jump on board with fast enough. Said one fellow Redditor, "I think I hold the record on how fast you can pump Costco gas. People are oftentimes amazed at how fast I am in and out." That statement naturally prompted a response from the OP that challenged them to a race. "I'd watch this tournament on ESPN 2," commented a fellow lurker.

Another person noted their own downfall superpower of "picking the Costco line that will take the longest every single time." However, some Redditors suggested there are cheats to hopefully get around it: "Don't look at the length of the line, pick the line with the fewest SUVs/most hybrids," said one commenter. Naturally, this recommendation blew the minds of many of the thread's readers.

Of course, a little fun is always important in a situation like this. Said one random person, "I like to manually enter my membership #. It helps me really enjoy the moment." Whatever brings you joy, friend.