Why Gordon Ramsay Had A Falling Out With His Mentor

Celebrity chef and TV personality Gordon Ramsay is one of the most successful chefs in the industry now but he endured his share of struggles as an aspiring chef trying to make an impact in the competitive business years ago. According to E!, he worked with well-known chef Marco Pierre White during his early days in the industry. And, as White later revealed, he helped out Ramsay when he needed it. "I gave him his first break in the business and I believe strongly in being loyal to people who have helped you," White told The Telegraph. He added that some things happened with Ramsay that were "completely unacceptable" to him.

Apparently, White was a pretty tough boss to work with and Ramsay actually teared up on the job when things got a bit too overwhelming for him to handle. Unfortunately, things soured between the two and White ultimately said he would never get back on speaking terms with Ramsay. 

Gordon Ramsay and Marco Pierre White have a messy history

As per E!, Ramsay and White have had a rocky relationship for years. White seemed to throw shade at Ramsay when he remarked, "You can't be a chef and appear on television all the time. It's impossible. At least when I earned my stars I was always behind my stove." Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Ramsay confirmed there was "some truth" to the story about Ramsay crying after White lost his temper at work, making sure to note that Ramsay was only 20-years-old at the time and was new to the industry. This incident seemed to have created a rift between the two chefs.

According to The Guardian, Ramsay once accused White of stealing his reservation book from the restaurant he was associated with, Aubergine. He was trying to frame his former mentor. Ramsay said later, "I nicked it. I blamed Marco. Because I knew that would f-ck him and that it would call off the dogs ... I still have the book in a safe at home." Ouch. Meanwhile, White remarked that it was a good decision to cut ties with Ramsay. He said, "If that's how you pay back your friend, and people who've helped you, that's sad."