The Disturbing Thing One Woman Found In Her Chicken Wings

When it comes to fast food, everyone has heard their fair share of horror stories. From the McDonald's pink sludge chicken nugget conspiracy (via Spry Living) to the rumor that a single fast food burger contains parts from over 100 cows (via Eat This, Not That), there are many factoids that many of us would prefer to permanently erase from our memories. But for the most part, when you're tucking into your pile of crispy fries and juicy burger, you can enjoy your tasty food, knowing that's all it is — food.

Well, not always. Remember those urban legends you heard about the horrific objects that would end up in unsuspecting customer orders? We wish that's all they were, but the validity behind these tales is based more in fact than fiction. From finding a dead rat in a Chick-fil-A order to discovering a slice of a human finger in an Arby's sandwich, people's real-life fast food experiences have become the stuff of nightmares (via Insider). The latest person to join this unfortunate club is Brittani Paulhamus, who recently stumbled upon something rather unpleasant in her order of chicken wings. If you have a queasy stomach, we'd advise you to take a couple of deep breathes before reading on — this story is not suited for the faint-hearted.

An unlucky Pennsylvania native discovered a battered chicken head in her takeout order from Old School Pizza

Brittani Paulhamus, a woman from South Williamsport, Pennsylvania, innocently tucked into her takeout order of chicken wings only to find, much to her shock and horror, that an unwanted guest wound up in the battered mix (via the Daily Mail). "I bit into a wing, and you know, all was fine," Paulhamus recalled to Today. "I picked up the second wing, and all of a sudden, I'm like, 'Why is the shape weird?" As soon as the Paulhamus saw the beak and the eye, she "threw it" and "screamed." The realization had officially dawned on her — it was a chicken head. Not even a delicious side of ranch could wash that battered morsel down.

The order of chicken wings came from a local business called Old School Pizza, and the restaurant issued an apology to Paulhamus following the unfortunate incident. "We've been open nearly 13 years and have sold TONS of wings every week and have never seen anything like this," the statement reads. "The supplier is looking into how such a thing could have happened and how it could have passed through so many checkpoints and gone unnoticed."

According to Paulhamus, she has previously ordered wings from the pizza joint that have been "really good," and the restaurant boasts a solid 4.3 stars on Google. However, we wouldn't be surprised if news of this headless chicken incident has an impact on sales.