The Truth About Naomi Mwangi From Holiday Baking Championship Season 8

The latest season of "Holiday Baking Championship" is back with plenty of delectable sweet treats and food challenges for its fans. According to FoodSided, 12 talented participants will be required to prove their mettle in front of the judges: Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller, and Carla Hall. As per the Food Network website, the winner of Season 8  of "The Holiday Baking Championship" will win a generous cash prize: $25,000. 

As always, the show is going to feature experienced pastry chefs as well as bakers from different parts of the country who'll try to demonstrate their skills while tackling difficult tasks. One of the participants is Naomi Mwangi, who operates a food business in Texas. Her roots are in Nairobi, Kenya, where she honed her craft. She is also a mom and has three kids. Mwangi balances parenthood and her baking career, preparing delicious sweet treats for her customers.

Naomi Mwangi is a seasoned baker and businesswoman

Naomi Mwangi is an experienced baker with many years in the food industry. She's also a confident businesswoman. As per her LinkedIn profile, she manages a bakery called The Forêt Noire Baking Company in McKinney, Texas, and is a co-owner of the company. She writes, "The Forêt Noire Baking Company offers you the most delicious Black Forest cakes with a variety of flavors to choose from." The company was founded back in June 2018. In an interview with "Good Morning Texas," Mwangi recalled meeting an esteemed Kenyan baker as a teen and discovering the joy of Back Forest cake, which became a signature dish for Mwangi (via Facebook).

Earlier, Mwangi was the owner of a shop called Cakes by Nash for several years. She would design cakes in accordance with her clients' preferences.  Additionally, Naomi Mwangi has a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and knows several languages such as French, Swahili, Kikuyu, and more. She sounds like a promising contestant and is definitely going to prove to be difficult to compete against on the "Holiday Baking Championship."