The Devastating Death Of Ree Drummond's Brother, Mikey

In a recent Facebook post, it was announced that Michael Smith, the brother of Ree Drummond, died on October 30. While the Smith and Drummond families have not yet revealed the cause of his death, Cheatsheet reports, Dan Daulton — an administrator at Bartlesville Ambulance Service in Oklahoma and friend of Smith — said "he went fast and did not suffer... I know he is making lots of new friends in heaven" on Facebook. Fans remember Smith, who went by the names Mike and Mikey, for his appearances alongside Drummond on episodes of "The Pioneer Woman." Smith was 18 months older than Drummond, 52, who called her brother her "best buddy," reports Tulsa World.

Fans of "The Pioneer Woman" may remember the episode when Smith earned the nickname "Cowboy Mike" after helping Ladd Drummond and the other ranch hands as they completed chores across the family's property, according to KTUL. In another episode, Drummond paid homage to her brother by making his favorite breakfast of Eggbert's Sunrisers with Orange Mini Muffins. This episode stands as one of Drummond's favorites.

Fans remember Smith on social media

Mourners took to social media to remember Mikey Smith. The Facebook post that announced his death received an outpouring of support from those wishing to share their memories of the Oklahoman. Responses like, "So sorry to hear this news. He was a gift to our world. We will miss him," and, "If you were ever blessed to have Michael come to your house for dinner, you know you entertained an angel. A sweeter heart no one could ever meet," line the reply section of the post.

Smith, who had developmental disabilities, was a fan of ambulances, fire trucks, and sports and made friends wherever he went, Dalton told KTUL. "While he was somewhat challenged, he memorized his friend[s'] phone numbers and would call them almost daily," he added. Smith also worked at his father's business several hours each day and was a major part of Ree Drummond's life. She has shared many of their experiences together on her website.