This Woodland Creature Snuck Into A California House To Eat KFC

Bears have a habit of breaking into homes to raid pantries. Earlier this year, a bear entered a Nevada City home to lap up some Nesquik powder (via ABC). Back in 2013, a black bear even entered a home in Idaho around 3 a.m. in order to lick out a pan that the homeowners used to make a stir-fry, per Digital Spy. The trend of bears wandering into domiciles to steal food continues in California.

According to Newsweek, a resident of Sierra Madre came home to find a bear in his kitchen eating his leftover KFC chicken. The animal stuffed its face into the buckets of chicken while John Holden, the resident of the home, recorded at a safe distance. While Holden had encountered bears on his property before, the break-in marked the first time the animal ever found its way inside its home. After it finished its bucket of chicken, it decided to make its way to the front yard.

Attracted by the smell of fried chicken

Holden believes the scent of the KFC bucket of chicken attracted the bear, which decided to make its way to the front yard after it finished its meal, per Newsweek. The resident eventually scared away the lounging bear after making a series of loud noises. In a video posted on ABC, the home-invading bear wrecked Holden's house but luckily, was small enough to snugly fit on the counter as it chowed down on the fried chicken. The resident's parakeet also went missing during the ordeal and has yet to be found.

In the event you ever find a bear around your home, experts recommend using ammonia, Pine essential oil, apple cider vinegar, Lysol, and pine sol to cover the scent of your outdoor trash. They also stress the importance of properly disposing of leftover food to keep animals from rummaging through your garbage. Next time you order KFC, make sure to keep your doors properly locked to avoid some very unwelcome house guests.